Why Katrina Kaif Is The Real Boss?

Published on 2 Jun 2017 . 4 min read

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I am in love with Katrina nowadays. I follow her on Instagram and she leaves me feeling so good about her. Here’s why...

Katrina Kaif has been slammed over and over again; for being a supposed “outsider”, her Hindi diction, accused of being a social climber thanks to her association with a certain Mr. Khan and special access to his network. People don’t want to take her as a person and her acting skills ever seriously. Recently she went live with her Instagram handle. As of today within just weeks of going live with 34 posts she has garnered 2.7 million followers. But what makes her stand apart from everyone. Yes every other god damn bollywood actor/actress is what she reveals to us about herself as a person. She is the real boss.

She is not insecure: Yes, choosing to look like this on social media for an actor, says a lot about you.  

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When the rest are busy putting up contoured, photoshopped pictures. This girl is comfortable looking goofy, real, relatable and definitely not following the industry beauty norms.  She gives us a whiff of someone who is unpretentious and genuine. Rare for Bollywood, right? When it is all about projections and planted stories in that industry otherwise.

She gets wit and sarcasm: Thank goodness.

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Sense of humour, sarcasm and wit are not what you see in the Indian actresses. They are all so scared, intimidated, conditioned and taught to be just pretty, sweet, fashionista, arm candy and trophy girlfriend/wife. Yes, in such a sad scenario this girl is having a few laughs and making us laugh too at her own expense. That is actually respect worthy.

She isn’t narcissistic.

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Just open any social media handle of other Bollywood actors and actresses. It is plain simple self promotion, PR, brand selling and fashion statements. Katrina clearly has more elements to her life where she is fine being not the centre of attraction and the most important person in the scheme of things.

She gives a rat’s ass to gossip mongers actually.


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Yup, she is very private about her “private life” And rightly so. But that doesn’t make her overtly image conscious or putting up a show. She goes and lives her life on her own terms. Her alliances, friendships and family are important to her. The only thing she proves by this photo is that, she is not going to validate, justify or explain her life to you. Nope, not happening.  

She shows her vulnerable side.

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Just look at this picture. That could be any girl or woman in any given day. That picture of her is not all made up, contrived, gimmicky, smiley, pouty and self conscious like the million other celebrity pictures all around. It’s exceptionally unusual for a celebrity to show their authentic, original, vulnerable, flawed and indubitable self to the world.

Go girl. More power to you like this. You are the boss.  


Piyali Dasgupta
A writer and an educator with expertise in experiential learning,capacity building, counselling & content development. A feminist, wit addict and time/life traveler. She loves trees, water bodies, vintage,cooking and arts

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