Why It Is No Longer “Brave” To Neglect Your Health

Last updated 20 Nov 2016 . 3 min read

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Haven’t we all grown up seeing our mothers neglecting their own health? And in turn their well-being by saying with a finality in their tone, “oh it’s nothing!” Be it a cut, a cold, or even emotional and mental well-being. There seems to be something very “brave” for women to say it’s nothing major, and that it will pass. However, we couldn’t be farther from truth if we really believe that. And the change needs to start with you. The definition of “health”, encompasses physical, psychological as well as one’s emotional well-being. Taking care of yourself and being mindful about your own health and, well-being is not selfish, it is essential. To focus on being wholesome and healthy is a beautiful thing. It ought to become something like infectious smiles, something that catches on because it definitely needs to be the next “in thing!” And here it is why –

1. Health is wealth We often take our health for granted, only to realize how precious it is when we fear losing it. Everything else ought to come after it. Imagine this, if you aren’t healthy, do you think you will be able to perform the many roles you juggle on a daily basis? And remember all the times when even falling sick for a single day has brought everything else to a stand-still? Don’t you agree then, that health truly is wealth! And everything else is secondary.

You can give only what you have – Like we said, everything else comes second to “you”. Your duties for your family, your job, everything – how do you fulfill these responsibilities if you don’t have the bandwidth to deliver. Fill yourself up before you try to give. Take care of yourself – emotionally and physically. How you care for yourself reflects in everything else you do. Try it and you will know what we are talking about.

You need yourself, before anybody else – Be your own person before you try to be there for anybody else. Do things for yourself. Pursue a hobby, go on runs, take a solo trip. Get back in touch with the singer or dancer or painter or anything else you used to be! Go for regular health check-ups. Go for a breast cancer check even if you are sure you are fine. Research, which health supplement will suit you and make it a part of your routine. Remember, when you do these things for yourself, you inspire many other around you to do the same. But mostly because, you need to be there for yourself, more than anyone else!

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