SHEROES Help SHEROES: Why Age Can Never Be A Barrier, Ever!

Last updated 30 Dec 2016 . 2 min read
We hear stories about and for the community everyday. Starting from how a 67 year old lady made the most of a local Facebook group to amplify her snacks business to how a 21 year old lady earns for her family while she studies. 

Yesterday, we stumbled upon a story of Kalpashee Mall. She is like any other woman you'd know, but you would not miss the fire inside her. As a child, Kalpashree saw her father grow his catering business and her brother taking it forward. Kalpashree was from Orissa and after marriage went to Mumbai, and spent her time bringing up her kids. It was only that her kids are now grown up (and pursuing CA) that Kalpashree, with her husband's help recreated her father's business. 

So far, she caters to about 50 people. But her kitchen can serve 5000. Here are the tips to run a business we learnt from Kalpashree after a quick 15 minute call with her on.
1. Passion alone cannot make things work- nothing compensates for all the hardwork that must go in. 

2. No age is a good age to start what you are great at. 

3. Building a strong network amplifies your work greatly.

4. We cannot do without mentors in our lives, even if they come in the form of our parents or partners.

5. Daughters are equally mighty to carry out a legacy as a son. All you need to do is coach them well :) 
Kalpashree loves to cook, her own kids prefer her food over a hotel's. She loves to cook Chinese and North Indian and people swear by her desserts.
If you are in Bombay and need a good, reasonable catering service, call Kalpashree right away!
Kalpashree: 9820895884

Raagini Kaushal

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