When you love your work, it shows!

Published on 16 Mar 2016 . 2 min read

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The ‘love quotient’ in your work is indeed a BIG DEAL. It generally goes up in two situations. Either you are smart enough to know what you want from your job, work towards it & are competent as well as lucky enough to get it OR you are smarter enough to adjust the ‘job satisfaction’ settings in your system and derive happiness out of this adjusted configuration!

In a typical ‘in love with my job’ case, the symptoms are very clear.

  • Looking ‘forward to’ & not ‘away from’ work: Monday blues? What’s that?? The pull an exciting work brings with itself is unmatched. An easy way to judge your liking towards your job can be read thorough your willingness to be at work each day, day after day
  • Looking beyond the obvious: The intangibles derived from the job are such that you don’t mind straining that extra nerve. Long hours, back to back travel, mid night phone calls are all compensated by the nerve thrilling excitement your job brings every-time a task is completed. You start viewing success in terms of fulfillment and gratification & not money
  • Replacing ‘Should I’ by ‘I Must’: Never  looking for an escape gate and be willing to face the job challenges head on is indicative of your work-love-commitment
  • Refining yourself: Keenness to better your best happens only when the motivation is higher than the highest. And a job that’s loved created that drive effortlessly
  • Being a trouble shooter: Instead of complaining about the trivial issues at work, you think about ways to make things better and smoother

And last but certainly not the least..

  • Recommending to friends: You must not have written long love notes about your work place but if you would recommend it to your best buddy, you certainly are in a happy place
  • Experiencing love, beyond work too: Last but not the least, loving your work may actually pep up your personal life too. After all the candle light dinner with your loved one are meant to be devoid of office gossips and bickering!

By Harshlata

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When you love your workit shows16March
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