What Science Failed To Teach Us

Last updated 30 Dec 2016 . 2 min read

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When we met Sraboni Ghose at the SHEROES office, we could have mistaken her for a friend of Sairee's who had casually dropped in to say hi. Little did we know that she was a scientist, with a biotech-startup in Switzerland who was building a product that could be both science oriented and marketable. 

In a 5 minute chat with her, we learnt:

1. Women are kicking ass in science. Not just in India- worldwide! 

2. Gone are the days where women were discriminated upon in the field of science. 

3. Girls should be driven by passion- let parents not decide what girls should be. 

4. There is HUGE scope for women in science and technology, especially in India. You could add as much as INR 200 Crore to the GDP as an individual woman scientist 

5. Go by what drives you. You can always carve your own path- don't think of everyone who didn't succeed. Think of every time you can win when you set an example! 

Raagini Kaushal

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