What every working woman should do when moving to a new city!

Published on 28 Jan 2016 . 3 min read

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She spent her childhood years in Kolkata, moved to Pune for higher education at 17, got her first job on graduating, a few years later she moved to Bombay. She is now hoping to get a job with a top IT firm, so her next address could be anywhere from Bangalore to Hydebrabad or Delhi.

Moving cities for a new job? Eager to set up base in your new abode? The working woman of today sets no limits for herself. Most of our metros have seen a significant rise in the numbers of working girls and young women who leave homes at a young age to pursue better education facilities and then, careers.

When moving to a new city, what are the top few things you should keep in mind?

Know where the nearest police station is

You may know the dialling code to get the police to your door. But when setting up in a new city, knowing where the nearest police station is, is always helpful (and advisable). Get out your Google map and tag the spot now!

Have your neighbour's contact numbers

Irrespective of whether you have opted to live on rent by yourself or with a couple of roommates, get in contact with your new neighbours. The neighbours may not be very friendly if you are just “another new tenant" in the buildingYet, initiate conversation, send small goodies on festivals, exchange numbers. If you are ever in dire emergency (due to medical reasons, etc) it will be easier to knock on a neighbours door as opposed to reaching out to friends.

Build your own network

Do some research and find places you can do things you like! If you like reading, look for the nearest Crosswords book store or library. Socialize and create a network of colleagues and friends you can count on within the first few weeks of moving! If you like dogs, volunteer at a pet ngo. This little network of yours will make your new home a happier place!

Know where the nearest medical centre and chemist are

Look on Google map or take a walk around the block. Find out where the nearest family doctor’s clinic is and hospital too. Should the need ever arise, at least you won’t be hunting for doctors at the last moment. If you have spent a decent amount of time in your new city already, get a basic check-up done by the nearest family physician. Strike a familiar base. You never know when you may need it.

Similarly, make a mental note of the nearest chemist. Though you may find many on the way to and back from work, knowing where the nearest ones are always help.

24 hour stores

Although you can conveniently use apps like Grofers to get groceries and home essentials at a click, when in a new city, get to know where the nearest 24 hr store is. Wellness Forever stores are usually open 24 hours and found in central locations.

Have a trusted driver

It could be a friend, it could be a trusted auto driver. When in a new city and especially if you don’t have a car to yourself, always have “that one person” you can call when it is too late to use an Uber or when it is an emergency and no cabs or friends are available. If there is an auto stand near your new house, you’ll easily be able to find a trusted driver who will gladly give you his number to call on when you need a door-step auto!

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