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What Does A Content Writer/Blogger Do?

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Content writers are professional writers who produce engaging content for use over the Internet. Some Content Writers contribute articles to e-magazines, corporate blogs, and other such places on the web. Yet more content writers spend their days working exclusively for small businesses, and some even write content for government websites.  Content writers can be full-time/part-time employees or freelancers. They can also manage and earn from their own blogging sites.

Starting Salary: As a Content Writer, you can expect a starting salary in the range of 15K to 30K.

What does a Content Writer/ Blogger do?

With the growing use of Content writing as a Marketing tool, having the skill on your resume would make it outshine. The good news is that almost anybody can hone their writing skills with a little discipline and a willingness to learn.

With some basic learning and lots of  practice, you can acquire the Content Writing skills. Here are a few traits you should develop to become a good Content writer - SEO basics, photo editing, grammar, writing skills, video creation, social media, developing innovative and engaging content and web analytics.

What are the requirements to become a Blogger or a Content Writer?

This area of work is open to all graduates, however the following subjects may be particularly useful: advertising, media and communications; business and technology; creative design; e-business; journalism; marketing, digital marketing.

If you do not have a related degree, you may be required to demonstrate a genuine interest in digital marketing, with evidence of a strong personal online profile, e.g. a blog, website or connections and interactions on various social media platforms.

What does a Blogger do?

On a day-to-day basis you may typically:

• Research a topic and write engaging content for your business's users
• Work with marketing and PR professionals to add digital media into your blogs
• Write engaging content for websites, email and social media
• Design and write e-communications like e-newsletters and text campaigns
• Improve navigation on a website to provide an excellent user experience or ‘UX’
• Make information and advertising more interactive by adding case studies, videos and infographics
• Use data from web tracking tools like Google Analytics to check the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
• Track the success of your content


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    I am zoology honours student. But i love to write. May i start my carrier as a part time content writer. Usually i use to write on different platform. I am also interested in print media journalism. Give me suggestions. ..
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    This article is really helpful and inspiring to progress my learning. I am not thinking about making career right now out of it. But, really looking forward to gain abundant knowledge in this area. Folks, please keep sharing any information that might be helpful in writing. Thank you sheroes team for the article.
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    Hi @ashwinijoshi I know only English and Hindi not any other regional languages . May I send the resume?
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    If you are proficient in English and at least one Indian regional languages like Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Oriya, etc pls send your resume at [email protected] for a content writing opportunity
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    What subject you need a content writer?Psycho I don't hv the idea but anatomy I hv knowledge.Is it virtua?
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    Hello! This post has come at such a wonderful time. Thank you my dear Sheroes!!:)) I am looking for content writers / social media handlers for my initiative. This is a paid opportunity . Timings and remuneration flexible. If the candidate has some understanding of psychology and anatomy that would be wonderful. Please inbox here, or call at 09953472746.
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    Please suggest some good course in content writing.
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