16 Benefits of yoga in the Morning

Last updated 26 Feb 2018 . 15 min read

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Doing things in a routine manner and waking up in a certain way, can help to get us in the right mindset for the day ahead. One great addition to any morning routine is yoga. While it may not appeal to everyone, getting up early in the mornings to practice yoga can be beneficial in many ways from keeping you fresh all day to boost your metabolism and lose weight. Yoga a definitely a thing to lose weight!

Here are a few benefits of morning yoga that will help you achieve great health:

#1. Salute The Sun

Surya Namaskar performed at sunrise is a way to greet the sun and the arrival of a new day. By learning the rhythms of nature’s cycle while the sun rises, we tap into our own natural rhythms too.


#2. Kick Start

To move at the beginning of the day is important, as overnight our muscles rest and while they’re not moving, layers of connective tissue and bodily fluid builds up between them. That urge to stretch we get upon waking is essentially an act of releasing all the build-up found between muscles.

Yoga Benefits


#3. Release The Stress

Giving yourself an extra hour or half an hour in the mornings to wake up and practice yoga will allow your nervous system to begin the day in a far more relaxed state. Our levels of cortisol are high in the mornings in order to give us the boost we need to wake up. If this level of cortisol is quickly increased with added stress, however, we’ve set ourselves up for an equally stressful day. Making morning yoga a habit would release you of the stress.

Yoga Benefits


#4. Morning Yoga Acts Like Coffee

Yoga can be restoring and relaxing, but it can also be stimulating and energising. Specific postures and practices help to build energy including sun salutations, backbends and twists.

Benefits of Yoga


#5. Wake Your System Up

White blood cells, the disease-fighting cells in the body, are able to act best when our blood flow and lymphatic system have efficient circulation. Early morning yoga not only wakes you up, but also activates your immune system.

#6. Get Happy

It's a known fact that the mood boost received through a yoga practice is one of the most beneficial reasons to practice in the mornings.

Yoga Benefits


#7. Alone Time

Life can get really busy and burdening with all the responsibilities on you. Which leaves one with not much time to themselves. Morning yoga will give you an extra amount of time in the morning, which is a way to show yourself not just that you care about yourself, but about others too. Take this opportunity to spend time with yourself.

Benefits of Yoga

#8. Get Proactive

Practicing yoga first thing in the morning will ensure you’ll get it done first and won’t end up feeling guilty about not having practised that day. Achieving something early in the day is also a great way to build confidence and a sense of self-worth.

Benefits of Yoga


#9. Get Mental Clarity

Get mental clarity with the help of meditation. Meditation is a yoga practice with unlimited benefits. Becoming aware of our thoughts and observing them rather than getting caught up in them at the beginning of the day makes us more aware of ourselves.

Benefits of Yoga

#10. Live In The Present

Live in the present by practising breath awareness. Focussing on each inhale and exhale, and noticing the quality of the breath is an instant way to bring us into the present moment.

Benefits of Yoga

#11. Boost Your Digestive System

By practising yoga in the morning, the body’s metabolism is boosted and so is the digestive system. When circulation of the systems is boosted and the internal organs have been gently massaged by yoga postures, the digestive system is far more efficient at releasing toxins and properly metabolizing nutrients.

Benefits of Yoga

#12. Power Your Brain

Focussing early in the morning may not be something we’re all accustomed to, but it’s significantly beneficial for heightening our productivity and alertness throughout the rest of the day.

Benefits of Yoga

#13. Make The Most Out Of Yoga

The traditional yogic texts state that the hours between 4am and 6am are most conducive for meditation and yoga practice, because the mind is at its most still and the rest of the world hasn’t yet sprung into action, so there’s a sense of stillness in the air.

Benefits of Yoga

#14. Become A Morning Person

A dedicated morning practice allows those of us who could quite easily sleep the day away, to make the most of this time when it otherwise may have gone to waste.

Benefits of Yoga

#15. Know Yourself

Yoga is the perfect way to measure whether your actions in life are having a positive or negative impact on your physical, mental and emotional health. By practising yoga postures daily, you’ll also notice yourself change, as the strength and flexibility of both body and mind vastly improve.

Benefits of Yoga

#16. Start Now

A yoga practice has no pre-requisites. All you have to do is be you and let the practice do the rest. A yoga practice is not about attaining only impressive postures or about being able to sit in meditation for hours and hours; it’s about finding out who you are beneath everything.

Benefits of Yoga

Here's a simple morning yoga sequence to start with:

Benefits of Yoga


Megha Dadarwal
22, Dentist, passionate yogi who loves dogs and beaches.

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    Without all this information on Yoga It would have been impossible for me to access all its benefits. These tips are like consistent Yoga companion to me from dusk till dawn. Radiant with gratitude I am all set to begin a new routine. If you want to have proper Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, visit https://arohanyoga.com/
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    Wonderful way of life
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    I am confident about yoga but I want to know if it is possible for a person with Arthritis to do yoga?
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    Beautiful article. I love doing yoga and really charges me for the entire day
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    I love yoga it empowers our inner strength
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    I totally agree. I do yoga for an hour with added BBG excercises.
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