Nidhi Arora
Last updated 26 Nov 2016 . 1 min read

What 19 Years of Angel Investing Has Taught Me About Women Entrepreneurs

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Until recently there used to be very few women entrepreneurs as compared to men and even fewer among those were the ones who received funding. It is only now that people realise that women at workplace are often more educated than their male counterparts and they anticipate a future Facebook or Uber to be founded by a woman.

The world finds it difficult to imagine women beyond the stereotypical roles. And when the few of them step out to excel professionally, they face an unthought of struggle: not enough role models, lack of alternative platforms to grow and meet fellow women.


We need to create better and advanced platform which helps women to broaden their horizon, and explore better opportunities to fund their startups.

Read more about platforms for new age women entrepreneurs here.



Nidhi Arora
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