Bullied At Work Place?

Last updated 29 Dec 2016 . 4 min read

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While we all just wrapped up Dusshera, a debate over good and evil has always been on. Setting Raavan ablaze is an annual ritual in our country from generations. The only difference is that definition of “Evil” keeps changing every year, recent ones being terrorism, corruption, female foeticide and many more.

I am here to talk about a silent “Evil” i.e. “Bullying in the workplace”. Yes you heard it right, its presence is never so obvious at work place as it is seldom too loud to be apparent. It can be any unwarranted behaviour targeting an individual physically, emotionally, psychologically or even sexually. It is generally associated with student life but here are a few signs of workplace bullying so that, you realize when you are being bullied. Also, this gives you an insight into your behaviour thus preventing you to be a “bully”.

1. Disparity in getting top projects, chances of representing your company and additional perks is your usual experience.

2. Your efforts are ignored and fruits of your hard work are reaped by someone else.

3. You always feel targeted and questioned for every action of yours and similar actions of others are accepted.

4. Incongruence in appraisals, salary structure and promotions as compared to your peers.

5. Verbal bullying, that can be loud enough like you are insulted around openly or gentle mocking at your back tainting your self-image and confidence.

6. You are never welcomed in a group and left alone most of the times. This ends up shattering your need of being “wanted”. This may include official gatherings and social as well.

7. You are targeted for everything other than your work from dressing sense to eating habits.

8. Your bosses never appreciate your work or you as a person, leaving you in a state of doubting your own capabilities.

9. You are forced unreasonably to work overtime and leaves are always denied quoting terms and conditions like “Leaves cannot be claimed as a matter of right”.

10.You are tagged “inefficient”, “good for nothing”, “underachiever” or with like terms.

It is evident from these points that it is not just using one’s seniority that bullying is practiced; even your colleagues or subordinates indulge in it. Also stay extra cautious with your behaviour that may incautiously turn you into a bully. If you feel victimised, know your rights, take necessary actions and pull yourself out of this nightmare by taking appropriate actions. These actions could be:

1. Bringing this to the notice of higher level management.

2. Don’t be a meek victim consider confronting your peers.

3. In extreme situations trust your potential and think about the feasibility of change of job.

4. You may even take legal advice.

Remember, bullies are weak personalities who derive satisfaction by subduing their targets and may go any extent to keep them silent. So, if you remain quiet you are fostering their behaviour patterns which will never end unless questioned.


Shakun Vijay
A focused counselling professional with 4 years of experience in the areas of individual, family, relationship, work life conflict , student, child behaviour problems, career counselling etc. A patient listener without an attitude of judging people with intent to help them process their thoughts and let out their pent up feelings and emotions. Also a keen communicator and an extrovert personality, who loves to read & write fiction, party hard and is a big foodie.

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