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Vedica Scholars Programme for Women

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Vedica Scholars Programme for Women Vedica Scholars Programme for Women

Vedica Scholars Programme for Women (VSPW) ensures that young women are coached to make personal, social and professional decisions in a skilled and superior manner which allow them to remain in the workforce and take charge of their lives, contrary to the current worldwide trend. This programme prepares you to recognize and evaluate trade-offs and make appropriate choices to lead an integrated and wholesome life.

What is Vedica?

Vedica recognizes the importance of diversity and leverage it for a better world, a better society. It is committed to women reaching their full professional potential. While reputed institutions have established mid-career programmes to train women leaders, Vedica aims to equip women to overcome challenges in the workplace even before they arise. A Vedica Scholar will find meaningful employment, navigate her workplace, and crack the proverbial ‘glass ceiling’

The Vedica Scholars Programme for Women (VSPW) is a unique alternative to the traditional MBA programme, which will create a cadre of successful women professionals for the 21st century. Vedica’s mission is to prepare women with the potential to achieve fulfilling careers.

It is an 18-month full-time, residential, post-graduate programme with a re-imagined pluridisciplinary curriculum carefully crafted to the expectations of employers today. Vedica is a combination of classroom learning, hands-on work experience, and mentoring and coaching by some of the most inspiring academics and professionals of our times. The programme weaves together the objectivity of management principles with complementary perspectives from the liberal arts, an emphasis on personal growth through leadership training, and the impact of thinking and communicating effectively.

This innovative and pioneering approach to management education promises to launch every Vedica Scholar into a career of distinction. Check out the site for more on the programme. Enroll for the program here.

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