#TwoMinRead- What Matters Most in 2017

Last updated 2 Jan 2017 . 2 min read

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Its finally the first Monday of the year. Sure we are all set to get our new professional year rolling. 2017 has definitely a lot to look forward to. Tech and science wise there is huge potential to crack this year.


So what does 2017 have in store for the world? We came across this post on Backchannel which points out the Top 6 Trends which will be ruling 2017. These trends really got us thinking with complete excitement. Right from AI to Virtual Reality - we have lots to achieve. Each of these trends will be shaping our world for more success. Check them out below:


  1. Artificial intelligence will take over everything.

  2. Virtual reality will become a social experience.

  3. Voice interfaces will usher in the rise of the next big platform.

  4. We’ll fight cancer before it becomes cancer. (YAY!)

  5. Telecommuters will replace cubicle dwellers.

  6. We will draw closer to taking our hands off the wheel.

Read the full post here - What Matters Most in 2017


Sneha Dadrwal
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