Two Bros Talk about Throwing Acid On Women. No Happy Ending Here

Published on 1 Feb 2017 . 3 min read

Purani Dili Talkies has a new short film called ‘Acid’. It has two drunk bros first talking to each other about daaru. When they stop talking about daaru and their respective ‘capacities’, they start discussing women because women are topic of discussion for drunk bros.

This is the story:

1. Bhai 1 likes girl. Girl doesn’t like Bhai 1. Poor Bhai 1, he talks to her but she doesn’t talk back, he buys her gifts but she won’t take them. She won’t sit on his bike. “Kutte” ki tarah he follows her around also. When he ‘held her hand’ she started to cry.

2. Angry Bhai 1 wants to throw acid on her because it is matter of izzat. How can girl not like Bhai 1 after he buys her gifts, he asks.

3. Bhai 2 listens. Nods seriously. Asks why he doesn’t go after other women because there are so many women in the world waiting for them. Bhai 1 whines. Bhai 2 pretends to understand. Says he will bring 2 bottles of acid to help him, because now he wants to throw acid on another girl. She also doesn’t talk to him.

4. Bhai 1 is curious about other girl. How can these bros not talk to each other about girls, na? Then big bomb drops. She turns out to be Bhai 1’s sister.

5. Bhai 1 gets upset because bhai-behen protector feelings come. How can Bhai 2 even think of doing this to his sister? Because she doesn’t talk to me, Bhai 2 says.

6. Bhai 1 and Bhai 2 decide they will not throw acid on women. Bhai 1 conveniently blames his stupidity on alcohol. Yay.

Order is restored in the universe. Perhaps Bhai 1 and Bhai 2 will now move on to another girl and have more deep discussions about them in the future.

Because only way to talk about acid attacks and consent is by making women someone’s mother, sister, bhabi, family member, etc etc. No other reason they’re bad.

All the commenters (I mean more bros) are saying that they just love the new video because “respect girls”, and finally something good is trending, no?

Excuse us bhais, while we give up in life.

This article was originally published on the ladies finger.


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