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Life and Career

Like many South Asian children, Shampa is a product of partition. Her parents, though both from what is now Bangladesh, went in separate directions in 1947 due to religion and would have never met had they not moved to the United States in the 60s to pursue their career and their studies. She was brought up by an exceptionally strong, intelligent mother and an unusually sensitive, hard-working father. Shampa grew up moving across four continents and eight countries, learning four languages, and assimilating as many cultures as she came across.

Shampa pursued degrees in both political science and industrial engineering in university in order to eventually work in social business – combining the need for economic growth with the needs of the community.

Shampa’s career began in the public sector working for an international development agency and then the United Nations. She went on to do MBA because she felt it was necessary in order to make the switch into the private sector.

Role at TrackMyBeat

TrackMyBeat is a socially minded business which contributes to the economic growth in India in two ways: 1) by generating wealth and possibly becoming an Indian export and 2) by addressing one of the main obstacles in India’s way – the alarming rise of chronic ‘lifestyle’ diseases in the country.

In order to expand successfully, a start-up needs to start establishing processes and operating procedures from its inception. Laying a solid foundation enables growth. Shampa’s role is to make sure TMB is taking into account as many eventualities as possible and strip them to their core in order to create a really simple process which every employee understands and can adhere to. She also oversees the internal sales operations and social media marketing channels.  

Fitness mantra

Shampa claims to have never liked working out, but since becoming a mother, she felt that working out was the only time when she could get any peace. She likes to take an hour every other days in order to ‘zone out’ and focus on her wellbeing. Great music helps.

 Message to SHEROES 

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