Top Online Courses For Those Who Want To Work From Home

Last updated 3 Oct 2016 . 6 min read

During the recent SHEROES Summit in Mumbai, we got a few questions related to work-from-home options. Taking it a step further, we bring to you some of the exclusive courses that you may want to enroll for, which could help enhance your skillset while working from home or on a career break.

Mobile and web-development courses

With a steady rise in e-commerce and mobile apps, there are many firms looking for sound developers, and such jobs/assignments offer flexible working hours. So, if you have been a developer and are looking to explore fresh territories, you can go for:

Writing courses

If you are passionate about writing (in English), and not sure if technical writing, business writing, resume writing and content writing all fall under the same category, there are many courses that could be of help to you. Do check out:

Data Analytics courses

If you have been in love with numbers and wanted to explore the data game, check out these beginners’ courses that could help your customers in making a right decision.

Digital Marketing

It’s all about how you sell it! If marketing, and running sales campaigns on the virtual world is your life, make sure you check out these informative courses that could boost your sales:


Software testing is quite crucial, and if you are wondering which courses could help you, here is our quick list:

Kickstart as a developer

With such rapid growth in technology, if you are wondering whether it’s too hard to code, here is a quick and easy fix for you. Learn the basics of coding from Object Oriented Programming to Debugging:

Photography courses

How often you have cribbed about not capturing images nicely! Stop cribbing; here are some courses designed by professionals, so that you share your photographs proudly. And who knows, maybe you could even earn money out of them!

Western Music course

I haven’t met a single person who dislikes music. Of course, tastes could vary. So, if music is your passion and you want to make a career out of it, here is some quick help:

Online Teacher

Want to reach out to global students? Here are courses that could help you in being a virtual teacher. Go on and explore these courses:

Learn languages

Are you looking for a foreign language teacher? We found a few, just for you:

Human Resources courses

Do you love dealing with people and managing them? How about learning some tips and tricks? Check out some cool courses that could boost your career for sure:

As it is said, “If you are not willing to learn, no one can help you. If you are determined to learn, no one can stop you.” Indeed, learning is fun. Haven’t you seen a child learning and exploring things every day? Let’s dive deep and soak ourselves in the ocean of knowledge!

Happy Learning!

Course details or curriculum are bound to change. Do check latest information from the Company specific websites before applying.

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Samiksha Seth
Samiksha Seth is a day dreamer by choice,an avid blogger, Reiki practitioner,firm believer of "Keep Faith", loves exploring and crafting experiences into words. She is a mother of a toddler and has resigned from her full time IT job, just to be with her child and take up her passion for writing.

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