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Top Job of the Week - Business Partner at Macaw Books

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Macaw Books business partners in Mumbai, Nashik and Trivandrum are consistently earning Rs 50000-Rs 60000 each month. This, along with working flexibly and at zero investment.

Macaw books is hiring for more Business Partners in over 73 cities across India.

What you need to do as a Business Partners

1) Meet Principals and teachers-in-charge of all public schools in the city.

2) Promote the following models in schools.

  • Selection of books for their libraries
  • Book displays and direct sale during Parent Teachers Meetings (PTMs)
  • Providing samples and following up for textbooks selection at the time of new selection of books every year.

3) Arrange small-scale book fairs in multinational companies by coordinating with their HR teams

What Macaw will provide you as your Business Partners?

1) Training and know-how to carry on the business model.

2) 10 sets of our entire range of books at a special discount. The books will be further replenished as and when needed and delivered at your doorstep. You don't have to do any payments to us for that as of now.

Want to explore the opportunity? Apply here.

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