Tips To Counter Hazardous Fashion Without Losing Out On Style

Published on 23 Mar 2017 . 5 min read

Fashion changes every month and there is no denying the fact that we all want to wear ‘what's in’! While staying updated with the latest fashion trends is fun, it shouldn't be done at the price of your health. Some of you might not be aware of how your everyday fashion is causing health hazards. Here’s some clothing items and accessories to look out for-




Halter neck tops or bikini tops take go around the neck to support breasts. Halters pull the neck forwards specially in case of heavy breasts and narrow straps. The strain posed on the neck pulling the neck forwards causes strain and pain in the neck. It might also cause shoulder and upper back pain.


•Look out for halters with wide straps especially if your breasts are heavy.
•Avoid wearing halters on a regular basis.




It's no news that high heels are bad for the body. It hampers with the natural body posture and can take a toll on your spine, hips, knees, ankles and feet. Despite knowing all that, we can't do without our high heels. Heels make us look taller and feel confident. They makes us look intimidating and badass. Plus they make any outfit look great. Who wouldn't want that?

But before you buy another pair of painful high heels, you must know the harmful effects of strapping on those heels. According to the Spine Health Institute, here’s how heels hurt our body:-


Since we can't do away with heels entirely, here’s few things to keep in mind before buying your next pair-


•Prefer block heels over pencil heels.
•Avoid wearing high heels everyday or for long period of time.
•Try and buy heels below 4 inches.
•Comfort over style. Go for heels with well cushioned leather soles for comfort and prevent feet from slipping.
•Stretch leg muscles before and after putting heels on.





Us women, we can't do without handbags. Increasingly, women are filling their bags with more and more gadgets, makeup and other avoidable items. These items make up a heavy handbag which eventually causes back and neck pain in women. Regular use of heavy handbags puts pressure on one shoulder, elevating the other. It also presses onto the nerves passing underneath it and causes back, neck and shoulder pain. In some cases, arthritis and spondylitis too.



•Select a handbag keeping in mind your body size.
•Do away with avoidable items from your bag. •Clean out the junk every week.
•Switch bag from shoulder to shoulder in intervals
•Pick bags with wide straps as it helps distribute the pressure.
•Practice strengthening and stretching exercises regularly.



Skinny jeans and tight trousers may look great but they restrict the body it's natural movements. Skinny jeans are as harmful as high heels or heavy bags. Normal movements like bending, squatting and causes stress on the knees. It makes normal walking impossible and can cause knee and hip pain. Tight belts can aggravate the problem.


•Pick comfortable stretchable jeans.
•Avoid wearing skinny jeans when avoidable.




Necklaces are an important jewellery essential. If you're a fan of heavy Jewellery, you need to watch out for its ill effects. Heavy necklaces push the neck forwards and downwards causing neck and shoulder pain.


•Avoid regular wear of heavy necklaces.
•Do away with your heavy necklaces for big necklaces in lightweight materials.
•Practice neck rotation exercises regularly.




Some of us need to wear our pencil skirts to work everyday. While they look smart and professional they can cause various problems. Pencil skirts stick the knees close together, making walking, bending and other moments abnormal. To your surprise, it can even cause back and disc problems.


•Pick skirts with stretchable materials.
•Wear only when necessary.


Megha Dadarwal
22, Dentist, passionate yogi who loves dogs and beaches.

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