How To Deal With That 9 To 5 Life Like A Ninja?

Last updated 29 Dec 2016 . 3 min read

Making that good ol' To Do List

This is an old trick, but still works the best. Make that to do list, plan your day. Get that pen and paper put and list even the smallest thing that you need to achieve. You don't have to spend too much time in making it. Take 5 minutes, and dump all the things that you need to do, and attack it like a ninja. The joy of scratching that list is always good and also helps your day to go smoothly. 

Get a playlist

As basic it may sound, but a good playlist can totally pump your mood and get you handling your inbox like a ninja. Music always provides that motivation or excitement when you are surrounded in that classic work desk environment. You can find amazing playlists all over the internet. Soundcloud and 8 track are also a good source.So pop that great playlist and get your day going. 

Hydrate!! Hydrate!! Hydrate!!

Getting that H2O in you does more benefit than you ever can imagine. We all know coffee has all the superpowers in the world, but keeping yourself hydrated does wonders as well. Water helps you decrease fatigue, helps digestion, improves your mood, and help that skin to be fresh and illuminating. So keep a bottle around you and ensure you are getting enough hydration. And psstt no calories!

Limit that social media usage:

This one is a no brainer. We all have naturally the urge to check FB, Instagram and Twitter every now and then. Agreed its tempting to check what your friends are tweeting about, but you also end up being stuck with that afternoon email dump. Such stuff always hinders your productivity. You can always take a break from those food shots, travel photos, engagement posts. So turn off your phone data for a while, take charge, get some work done and then indulge in that social media in the luxury of your free time later!

Walk around, talk to people:  

Obviously in moderation, respecting work culture is important for sure. But stretch those legs, go speak to people, interact. It helps in breaking monotony. Try getting up once in a while from your desk, not only it will help you to get that blood pumping, it will allow you to interact with your coworkers or seniors. Human contact always has helped me get by my day faster! It also acts a great afternoon pick up. Helps you fight that afternoon slump.

Schedule general chunks of the day 

Yes its great to plan your minute details of the day, but it can get taxing and stressful matching that each minute. Instead try plan your day in chunks. Set time aside for your projects, tasks, or even emptying your inbox. It allows you to focus on your productivity and doesn't freak you about accomplishing that exact thing on your schedule.

Getting enough ZZZ

Okay well not at work. But when you well slept, you actually tend to be more productive. Being well rested helps you to stay active throughout that day. You don't want yourself to be yawing at work, or letting the lack of sleep coming in the way of your tasks. So ensure that you get enough sleep, and ace the long hours of work!

Sneha Dadrwal
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