This CA Gave Up Her Job To Follow Her Passion: Fashion!

Published on 6 Jun 2017 . 4 min read

Bhavya's fashion business wants women to feel comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Founder and CEO of AEOM or ‘All Eyes on Me’ Couture, Bhavya Goel shares with us her journey which culminated in her startup, her dream project.

It doesn’t feel like work anymore!

“As a child, I wasn’t privy to the concepts of branding, entrepreneurship and the likes. I would constantly doodle dresses, gowns and all forms of clothing on basically every sheet of paper I could get my hands on. I would share these doodles with my sisters and friends. I would tell them that one day I am going to put two and two together and show them those designs in live form.

AEOM is a child of my passion and desire to follow my dreams, and live a life, I have fallen in love with. I do not see AEOM couture and myself, as two separate entities, which is why working everyday does not feel like “WORK” anymore.”

Translating  my passion into career

“I studied to become a Chartered Accountant and worked as a consultant for over six years. I was too caught into the web of what they called ‘an acceptable-well-paying career’. Having said that, studying towards becoming a CA and then clearing all the exams was not a waste of time. I told myself, that if I can succeed in a profession that is not my calling, imagine the wonders I could create with my passion!”

‘Fitting-style-comfort’, our main focus areas

"Before taking the plunge, my co-founder and I spent months on our research, trying to identify what our potential customer is actually looking for, what is it that is currently missing in the industry. We interviewed around 150 women across India and took feedback. We realised that 75% women had major concerns with fittings, style and comfort. That’s what urged us to develop a web based platform to allow women to customize their favorite designs to suit their personal style and comfort and led us to form AEOM Couture.”

We understand different bodies have different fits

“Many a times we tend to not shop from an online store because we are worried about the fit and style. AEOM Couture is a fashion-tech startup wherein we allow our customers to shop creatively and put an end to all their “fit, comfort and style” related worries. We understand the fit requirements of different body types and are committed to giving our customers the best fit possible.”

Bespoke is the future of fashion

“Bespoke  i.e. made-to-order industry is largely an untapped market in India with great market potential. Offering customisation has helped us engage real time with our customers and retain their loyalty towards our brand. Currently, more than 50% of our orders are from returning customers.

Inspiration to continue working on AEOM comes to me naturally every single day, I feel like it does not need to be triggered. My closest friends and my immediate family have been very supportive in general. This actually forms the backbone of my own motivation.”

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