This 50 Year Old Mom Globetrotting Solo Is Giving Us Serious #TravelGoals

Published on 18 May 2017 . 3 min read

Meet Nalini Thakur, a mom with a passion for traveling. See what she has to say !

I'm an eternal traveller and  it's pit stop for me on earth right now. Travelling is a passion and if I'm not traveling, I'm either dreaming about it or making plans of visiting a beautiful, distant place.

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I've visited so many amazing places in India and abroad and yet I feel there's so much more to see in this short lifetime.

For me travelling is all about experiencing a new place. It’s history, culture, food and people is what makes a new place so exciting.

while I have travelled all by myself to so many places, I've enjoyed the journey and the destination however I have wanted to. I’ve seen places through my eyes and perspective!

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Travelling alone in India can be pretty safe, surprisingly. I stayed in an organic farm powered by solar energy, completely disconnected from the rest of the world in Coorg. I visited Jaipur, Agra and Delhi in a rented car which again was very safe. In fact i was amazed to find a young boy who was on his school vacation as my guide on his school in Coonoor.

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My love for travelling makes me visit Mumbai at least thrice a year to visit the art galleries and watch plays.

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Travelling abroad has been an equally great experience. I spent a week in Paris where i stayed in an airbnb and had the most amazing time exploring the beautiful city all by myself.

I'm not good very good at reading maps hence I don't hesitate to request the locals for directions. Sometimes by getting lost, I've discovered more .

Travelling has broadened my horizon and educated me more and has contributed immensely in my journey and growth as an educator.

I'm fifty and a lone woman traveller and I don't want silk or diamonds! Just a ticket to some place far away!


Nalini Thakur

Megha Dadarwal
22, Dentist, passionate yogi who loves dogs and beaches.

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