Things every working woman should do while at work

Published on 9 Feb 2016 . 3 min read

Good health lays the foundation to contentment and contentment lays the foundation to a liberated mind. But these words of wisdom barely touch your soul when you are rushing to meet that deadline.

A working woman, more often than not, is juggling several balls at the same time. You ask her to add fitness to her arm- length- long list of daily chores and you may not be looked at very pleasantly. The benefits to adding a fitness routine may make a double arm length list, but honestly who has the time? So lets get to the point ASAP. Heres a simple list of to-do’s that can be definitely incorporated, no matter how busy the day looks.

10,000 steps - If you spend most of your day sitting or take lesser than 3000 steps a day, according to one school of thought, you lead a sedentary lifestyle. While you need 10,000 steps a day to be considered active this would only be possible if you assign some part of your day to walking. Here is where your phone alarm clock makes an entry. Set your alarm to regular intervals, perhaps to every hour, and religiously get up and take a walk around your office for 5-10 minutes. Do this 5 - 6 times a day and you will be inching towards your 10,000 steps a day goal. The health benefits attached to this are limitless and definitely deserves a shot. Investing in a Fitbit would be another good idea to help you track your steps and much more. Health authorities commonly recommend 8 glasses of water intake per day, how about using the alarm  to remind you to take in a few big gulps after you finish the short walk around?

Meditation - Benefits of quieting the mind are aplenty. It reduces stress, increasing your attention span and focus, increasing your immunity, helps you appreciate life more—would be to mention just a few. Your journey inward will bring a deep silence which will have a melodious rhythm of its own that will help you bring out the best in you amidst the chaos you are surrounded with. Make it a practise to wake up every morning and dedicate a few minutes to one of the several guided meditations available online and observe the changes it brings to your being.

Eating at intervals - Irregular eating patterns and skipping meals spells out trouble. Instead of  eating three solid meals a day opt for 6 small meals to digest food better and prevent a spike in acid production in the stomach. Pre plan you meals by making a schedule to ensure a balanced intake and steering away from unhealthy food so easily accessible in an office environment.

Posture - Bad posture can hamper circulation, decrease your energy levels and also possibly increase feelings of depression. A good sitting posture is one where your joints are naturally aligned, hands wrists and forearms are straight and parallel to the floor. Shoulders are relaxed and back is well supported and straight. Checking for that slouch and correcting it at regular intervals is crucial.

Incorporate these small and easy changes to your daily schedule and slowly witness the changes it brings to you.

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Mudita Ghia
Mudita Ghia is a contributing writer with SHEROES and is the Founder and Director of Clarus Media.

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