The World Calls Us Entreprenuers

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My parents named me Chhaya meaning shade or in Indian context respite, for maybe I was born on an exceptionally hot April Day. Hence I believe the element to provide comfort was already imbibed within me at birth, a trait I have tried to cultivate in my writing as well.

I associate with the identity of a writer, above any other and have been writing since the age of ten. What started as a hobby, culminated into a profession and passion and today is in front of you, as Baatein.

In my second year of college at IP College for Women, Delhi University, I decided to publish my writings and since then I have known nothing else. What started, as a blog soon became a community of artists, engaging creators from all over the world.

My pursuits have drawn me to a world of stories, art and culture and I have always been on the lookout for stories, since the age of 10, when I inked my first poem. Education was never confined to within the four walls, for me. I have always made it a point to keep my heart, ears and eyes always receptive.

I am known today as the Founder of Baatein (Conversations), an online Content Creation platform, with a core focus on poetry as a means of communication. The platform engages in creative interactions with brands, organizations and other artists and attempts to tell their story through prose and poetry. This endeavor has given me an identity and made me responsible.

I have managed to build a dedicated team of storytellers who are ardent, passionate artists, working with me to make Baatein a genuine community.  The name is the most beautiful part of our story. Baatein, which means conversations, summarizes our journey quite aptly. We are taking poetry into conversations and creating a platform for communications; each and every form.

It is fascinating, how much you can learn from your environment including the people above and under you. As I said, education was never confined to the four walls of a classroom for me.  

Baatein today, has gathered multiple accolades and awards, with Ambedkar University’s (Delhi) wall adorned with one of my creations as a part of an initiative by Delhi, I Love You”, (a socio-cultural movement of love in the city). In a Twitter-based competition organized by Delhi, I Love You, Baatein managed to surpass other entries in the English category and claimed the prize of a customized wall and interviews with BBC and Yahoo News.

In September on Behalf of Baatein, I was invited as a speaker at the ‘Under 25' summit in Delhi- a dynamic youth festival for creators, innovators and artists, to share my story as the founder of Baatein and my story as a writer. Conversing with the hundred odd recipients was not only overwhelming but also immensely inspiring. Curiosity and fascination are the edifice of any wanderer, a trait I wish to imbibe in my personality and my writings as well.

In my novice journey as an entrepreneur, I have not only learned to lead but also learn, to create and also credit. Baatein has given me an identity, a direction to my writing and a push to the entrepreneur that I shelter.


About Baatein

Highly passionate writers within the team create all our stories. We also curate stories from guest writers and follow a simple rule-quality content and out of the box idea. We also indulge in artistic collaborations where it is usually an inspiration that drives us and the challenge to one up the other artist is our fuel. We learn a lot this way and this helps us be better each day.

We work on four fronts now. The first is our poetry blog on Instagram and Facebook; second is our monthly chapter called Conversations- an engaging event for writers and other artists; third is our merchandise and fourth is our content creation for brands. We are now also taking Baatein to classrooms by using poetry to talk about certain issues.

It is quality, contribution, creativity and honesty that we maintain in our work culture. We wish to deviate from commercial content that floods online media today and wish to bring poetry into normal, everyday conversations.

Every story will have some inkblots, some erased words and some smudges. Every start up or endeavor comes with its own hurdles. So did ours, though we have always taken challenges heads on and learnt a lot from them. Our main challenge is to ensure we never loose our crux, what we stand for. Also as a startup we face certain problems like any other. But it is a wonderful time to be alive and the energy and inspirations around you keep you going.

Baatein is growing at a commendable speed. From accolades to features, it is creating its mark and place. CNN-IBN, Yahoo News and ANI have featured Baatein. DU Beat and Her Saga have also been generous to commend our efforts. And we are getting a very good response for our products as well. The next goal is to create stories for brands and we are getting there too. One step at a time and one story at a time.



Chhaya Dabas
A writer by hobby and career path and the founder of Baatein, an online blogging platform that aims to generate original, thoughtful, relatable content, inspired from human emotions and the hum drum of life.

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