The Top Active Indian Accelators That Your Startup Needs

Published on 23 Feb 2017 . 2 min read


Startups have attained phenomenal prominence. Various start ups have bitten dust due to factors unknown to the founder. Passion is one aspect, but streaming it with method and strategy is another facet and driving one too. Method to madness is a phrase which fits the journey of an enterprise. 

The most distinct difference between accelerators and incubators is the time frame of each. An accelerator works with startups for a short and specific amount of time, usually from 90 days to four months. Accelerators also offer startups a specific amount of capital. In exchange for capital and guidance, accelerators usually require anywhere from 3 to 8 or more percent ownership of your company. Accelerators are much more structured than incubators. 

The accelerator journey is not an all-inclusive road to success. Rather, it is meant to help you get to a point at which you’re ready to raise larger amounts of capital. The goal of accelerators is to grow the size and value of a company as fast as possible in preparation for an initial round of funding. 

Check out the Top 60 startup accelerators in India who will help you realise the dream of turning your startup into a company. 

Getting mentored under the guidance of accelerators does not necessarily mean compromising on the direction you want to take your startup. It just means applying a mother system and accelerating the growth of your dream.


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