Ten Interesting Ways to be More Productive at Work

Published on 14 Jan 2015 . 4 min read

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Do you have a regular 9 to 5 job? And do you tend to overstay your hours at work? You’re not the only one, several of us end up working late. Some of the most successful people have often said that it is important to focus on productivity – finish more work within fewer hours rather than the other way around. One of our esteemed Presidents once said – Time teaches us the value of life!

The key lies in your output – accomplish everything before the 5 pm day’s deadline and go home on time! Here are ten interesting ways you could be more productive at work,

Make Lists

As women, making lists is part of our DNA. We make grocery lists, we make budgeting lists, we can very well make lists of tasks to complete at work too. In order to get some inspiration here, you can probably invest in a creative annual diary. Jot down what needs to be done under the day’s date at work and keep this diary on your worktable. Use this list and diary exclusively for all your work related tasks only.

Lunch Meetings

All of us get lunch breaks. Use this break to throw in an external meeting or two within. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have to eat at your lunch break – toy around with the idea of eating quickly while in the office and then going out to meet a client / vendor and so on. Of course, this is subjected to the other party being available at the time you decide but you can always try and work your way around this. That way, when you are at the office, you can spend time doing the other tasks on hand and not stepping out for other commitments.

Fruitful Breaks

You can’t just get by with one single lunch break. You need a few more minutes after every few hours to just sit and do nothing. Here’s where most of us make the mistake of starting a long gossiping session with our colleagues.

That wasted 30 minutes will make you stay back an extra one hour at the workplace! When you need a short break from your tedious tasks at hand, login to the internet, read something interesting online, restrict these breaks to a few minutes at a time only. You’ll be fresh enough to focus on work thereafter.

A Short Stroll

A very successful Creative Director at a leading advertising agency often did this – after eating her lunch, she used to go out for a quick walk around the block. This helped her get refreshed and think of new ideas for the clients too. Take a short stroll, stretch your muscles. You’ll come back feeling rejuvenated instantly.

Be Disciplined

At the start of every new day, ensure you tell yourself that you have to step out at 5 pm. Well, this depends on your work and how much you’ve accomplished. If you set a deadline for yourself every day and are diligent about it, chances are you WILL end up completing most of your tasks by 5!

Join a Class

Many of us don’t realize it, but we end up staying back at work because we know we have time on our hands. This is how we end up being less productive. Join a language course or dance class, even an aerobics class would do! If your class starts at 6 pm, you have no choice but to finish your days work by 5 pm every day!

Divide and Delegate

If you work in a team or if you lead a team for that matter, learn to divide and delegate. Do not take on all the responsibilities yourself. If you plan the work schedules well and focus on only ensuring tasks are completed well and on time, everything will go smoothly.

Start Early

Your most productive time will be the morning hours and the least productive time will be the time right after lunch. Keep the most important tasks for the first half of the day. If your job involves talking to external people and meeting external people, the first half of the day is the best time to do it.

Internal Tasks

Keep a time bracket for other internal tasks that involve reporting to the seniors or coordinating with team members for the later part of the day. It will be easier to shoot out mails to the relevant people or call them right before you leave the office for work related issues.

Plan Ahead

In the diary you use to list down the tasks you need to handle for the day, also jot down the next day’s tasks or schedules. It will help you plan the days or weeks ahead more effectively thereby leading to a marked increase in productivity.

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