#TEDThursday : 5 TED Talks You Need To Watch For Success

Last updated 27 Oct 2016 . 2 min read

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#TEDThursday : 5 TED Talks You Need to Watch for Success

Thursday starts with a little inspiration from these 5 TED speakers. TED Talks are inspirational videos by experts spreading ideologies on various topics. Here are 5 TED Talks where experts talk about success-

  1. Knut Haanaes on how to keep improving and exploring new idea - Link

  2. Regina Hartley a HR executive on choosing the right candidate for a job when given a choice between a candidate with a perfect resume and another whom she calls a “Scrapper” -  Link

  3. Richard St. John tells us that if we stop, we fail. He tells us that success is a continuous journey - Link

  4. Examining our idea of success and failure, Alain de Botton advices to find pleasure in your work - Link

  5. What is the secret to success? Is it achieved due to luck or due to somebody being smart? Richard St. John tells us the secrets of success - Link

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