Tasha’s Artisan Foods by Natasha Minocha

Published on 23 Oct 2018 . 1 min read

Tasha’s Artisan Foods by Natasha Minocha Tasha’s Artisan Foods by Natasha Minocha

You may be learning and earning much more while raising a family than you give yourself credit for.

Raising a family is a serious business.  In bringing up two of my kids, I learned a ton about healthy lifestyle, developed emotional intelligence, mastered time management, beat stress & anxiety, managed expectations, as well as earned affection and praise.

Had all this been achieved in a formal work environment, all this would be identified as personal growth and job satisfaction.

Jam Cookie

I have always been passionate about food and baking. I enjoy reading cookbooks and have a very good collection of them at home. I love watching top chefs in action on cable TV. At the end of a tough day of household chores, watching a food show with a glass of wine relaxes me. Before I realized, my friends and family were happily lapping up food experiments conjured in my kitchen.

With my kids a little grown, I had a little more time at my hands. I started Tasha’s Artisan Foods in the year 2012. There was no master plan. The idea was to simply bring some of my kitchen creations to those who wanted to eat better. Getting started was hard. I had my doubts too. But when I look back, I was drawing upon skills developed while raising my family - patience, multi-tasking, and tenacity.

Festive Granola Box

Starting small from home has a lot of advantages -

  • You are not paying rent or wasting time commuting.
  • Little to no budget is required for interiors, and overheads are low.

The biggest challenge in my small business was developing, packaging, finding suppliers willing to sell in small quantities, and finding customers willing to pay for the premium quality I was offering. But, time sorts all this out. You step out and meet customers. Soon, you will figure out what they want from you. You step out and meet suppliers. Soon, you run into suppliers willing to oblige you

Coconut Peanuts Energy Bites

The digital world has been another story altogether! I had setup my blog page in and my Instagram page in 2015. Initially, I was not sure as to where I wanted to take them. I had no experience with writing, nor was I interested in photography.  Somewhere along the way I also got exposed me to the mysterious ways of SEO & SEM.

As things stand today - I have my website through which I sell my kitchen creations through my own website, my blog posts have a good reach and are being read by tens of thousands each month, my Instagram page is getting appreciated, and I am taking professional assignments to do recipe development and food photography.  

5-6 years back, there was no rational basis for me to start doing what I did, let alone getting invited by SHEROES to share my story with you.  All I had and still have is my passion. You will be surprised at the skills you have developed in all these years, and what you can achieve with them.  All that matters is for you to take that first step!

Natasha Minocha
Natasha Minocha is a food entrepreneur and blogger whose work follows the philosophy "eat well, live well". Through her growing business and online platforms, she promotes real, whole foods along with the occasional indulgence!

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