Tanvi Sharma, co-founder of "Bundle of Joy" tells us about her passion for photography today

Published on 14 Mar 2016 . 4 min read

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Tanvi Sharma, co-founder of "Bundle of Joy" which is a team of natural light professional photographers who specialize in the fine art of newborn, kids, maternity and family portraiture tells us what inspired her husband and her to join hands and begin this venture.

Tell us about yourself...

I am a true blue Delhite and have lived here all my life, barring 2 years that I spent in Hyderabad while working for Deloitte. I did my post-graduate in business management, MBA (Finance Major) and graduation in Economics from Delhi University. I am also an Intermediate CS from the ICSI. I worked in Business related managerial roles in multiple global organizations in the past...

How did the idea of 'Bundle of Joy" come about? What is the core area of photography here?

I have always been a photography enthusiast and have tried to maintain photography as a part of my lifestyle in different ways. During my college years I founded the photography society ‘Shutterbug’ and became its first president.  Within its first year we managed to put together over 35 photography enthusiasts to share ideas & learn from each other. The society organized photo walks, conducted an inter college competition as well as provided a platform for team members to participate in other inter college competitions. I continued my passion for photography in  Hyderabad while working for Deloitte. I was an active member of the “twin cities photography club” and occasionally participated in their photo walks.

The inspiration for  Bundle of Joy came to my husband and me when he had a nephew in Switzerland. We couldn’t be there and knew we would get to see the little one only when he was 6 months old. We realized the importance of photographs and how they are indeed the greatest medium to freeze memories. This experience gave birth to Bundle of Joy, a venture that brings together professional natural light photographers who specialize in Newborn, kids, maternity & family photography. A host of innovative personalized high quality products are created from those pictures that can be shared with near & dear ones as well preserved as keepsakes to be revisited years later.

There has been a recent trend of hiring professional photographers for new born photography and weddings too! Can you comment on this changing trend?

Be it a wedding or a couple’s journey into parenthood with the birth of their child , these are such special moments in one’s life that even years later one can vividly describe. It is with the desire to freeze those moments so that they are not just etched in the memory but come alive every single time one wishes to revisit them, this is the driving force behind the trend. In today’s times when everyone has a smartphone with a camera, it is the concepts, the eye & aesthetics that differentiates an amateur from a professional. People now value the importance of preserving memories and do not shy away from spending money to rope in an expert rather than rely on themselves.

Can you tell us what a typical professional new born photo shoot is like?

A typical new born shoot is a lot of drama! When you are photographing a newborn baby, you know there is going to be a lot of pee, poop and crying. Having said that, it is an exciting time for parents and the photographer as together they are creating memories. Its important for everyone to be relaxed and enjoyable, including the baby!  In order to keep the baby comfortable, happy, and sleepy we request the parents feed the baby before the session and keep  a change of clothes, baby wipes, burp cloths and baby lotion handy. It is typically a 2-3 hour long shoot.

Where do you see yourself professionally and the venture in the next few years?

Professionally we see ourselves innovating every single day in every single shoot. Every single shoot is a journey and each of our little models inspire us in different ways. No 2 shoots are the same and its unbelievable how much we learn from each one. 

Any thoughts you would like to leave our readers with?

I want all women out there to known that there is nothing or no one that stops you from doing something, except you. Follow your inner voice and chase your dreams, no matter how far-fetched they may seem.

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