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Last updated 25 Nov 2016 . 2 min read

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#TalkTechToHer: The Art Of Juggling Work & Life

A new mother is expected to be at her toes when it’s about taking care of her baby. One of our Office Tech Principals, Balvinder says that there’s a lot of guilt that comes along with being a working mother. The guilt of missing out on your child’s rearing and nurturing. The guilt of missing out on all the little milestones that mark your child’s growth. She feels this is why so many women take a break in their career. But at ThoughtWorks, she’s able to do justice to both the roles- one of the technologist and the other of a mother. Check out her journey and how she managed to turned things around to her advantage.


Isn’t it great to be supported as well as challenged at the same time? For Archanaa, having tried out different technologies, working across varying domains and offices, and, having tried her hand at coaching, training and mentoring, there’s never been a dull moment at ThoughtWorks.

She believes that even after 7 years, there will always be something totally different and challenging waiting for her, at work, every single day.




For more such inspiring stories visit #TalkTechToHer. You can also share your interesting anecdotes in the above given link.


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