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With a love for narrating stories through her songs, contemporary folk singer/songwriter Geetu Hinduja’s life has been an inspiring mesh of tumultuous and enlightening.

With her delightfully soulful music and her hybrid genres revolutionizing the music industry, we look forward to hosting Geetu Hinduja at the fifth edition of the Mia SHEROES Summit Mumbai on July 15, 2017, at Novotel, Juhu.

Here’s a peek into the ideas and experiences of this dedicated soul!

From humble beginnings...

Growing up in a family of immigrants post-partition, life was devoid of dance, music or art for folk singer Geetu Hinduja when everyone in the family was struggling to make it in their adopted land.

“I used to listen to Vividh Bharti stuck to the straw matting on the front of a Bush radio. I would imagine Lata Mangeshkar as a little doll inside the radio singing in her melodious voice,” she reminisces.

It was only later in life as a teen, with her friends exposing her to new ideas and perspectives, that her journey into exploring the visual and performing arts began.

When People become the Muse...

Inspired by life around her, Geetu tends to write songs about what she sees or hears, her music akin to folk music which talks about the times you live in, the struggles of individuals or societies, the environs you grow and continue to evolve in.

“I went to a girls' school,” Geetu recalls, “It inhibited my ability to interact with the opposite sex for the longest time. That fact along with the times & environment I grew up in pushed me to perhaps study women. Later in life, I got interested in stories of survival, whether people tried to fit in, or they tried to strike out. All these narratives interest me.”

Her work reflects her life. Her music video, #Sisterhood, emerged from all of those experiences. 

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Folk Music as a Lifestyle choice...

Inherently acoustic, folk music resonates with souls all over the world, their melodies simpler and the focus on lyrics telling a story.

With her best friend - her acoustic guitar - and a musical spirit, Geetu Hinduja is a game-changer. Paving the way for women after her, she admits that having a distinct style might not work in the short run. But in the long run, it helps you stand out from the rest.

Of experiences and epiphanies...

An extensive traveller, her ideas of who she wanted to be started forming when she saw the world. Getting to where she is today with her disciplined soul, Geetu’s motto in life is simple: don’t stagnate and be happy whatever you do, because this too shall pass (as per her Vipassana experience!).

“We are all such a minuscule part of the Universe. We all have to do what we came to do & the world will go on with or without us,” she says.

Pearls of Wisdom for the SHEROES women...

“You have to go through the grind of learning & you should never stop learning. You will be good at whatever you do if you know yourself well & are true to yourself.

Music to me is my life… I live for it. I worked in the field of Contemporary Indian Art for 17 years, before I realized there was no escaping this journey. So here I am a Contemporary Folk Singer-Songwriter.

I would like to be able to connect with all the SHEROES, by sharing my music & hope that the stories the songs tell resonate with them.”

Wise words, indeed. SHEROES looks forward to hosting an artist as talented as Geetu; we hope to build a connection through her songs this July as well!

Come join us at the Mia SHEROES Summit Mumbai for more!


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