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Look around, and tell me you don’t find a single mother who is strong. Well, she is strong enough to get up early in the morning, cook, clean and get things running so that your routine is not hampered.


When we think of mothers an image appears in front of us. An ever-giving, sacrificial figure, who doesn’t really care about her clothes and looks anymore. Someone who keeps pouring her heart, energy and time in making other’s lives better. But, what we fail to notice or even document is the amount of strength mothers have post pregnancy.


The talk of mothers being strong sounds pretty badass. Although, we seldom see them being mentioned in the mainstream. Think about Mary Kom and how she maintained a super athletic body post pregnancy and won accolades for her bouts in the ring.


No offense to you young women out there, but let’s get real here. They are powerpuff ladies! Getting back to your athletic workout routine is not an easy task. But not an impossible one either. Get inspired to hit the treadmill or bring out the yoga mat or enroll yourself into a zumba class. Do whatever it takes, but read the stories of these fit mothers training for fit body post partum. They have accepted that the idea of a “healthy looking body” is overrated. They sweat it out to feel fit not to show others that they are fit. Cheers to these kickass mums!


Now comes the food part :) I am all about food and love having a fair share of healthy portion at least twice in a day. My breakfasts and dinners are always aimed at gathering the most nutritious foods. I am a firm believer of heavy, nutritious, but simple, non-oily breakfast. Oats, eggs, muesli, poha and upma are my favs. I know some might think, oh wait, what? Poha and upma? Well, I believe in eating right but not depriving myself. Have you ever noticed, how craving leads to increased intake of junk food, thus doubling up our calorie intake



This is much worse than eating in small amounts. But, you have to show restraint at times. Even that’s a way of assessing determination. Never deprive yourself. Try substituting your tasty treats with healthier options. Replace sugar with honey, load your mid-meal snacking diet with nuts and fruits. Cut down on your oil and also make sure what sort of oil are you using to cook your food. Try going au naturel` instead of buying the frozen and preservatives ladened packaged foods.


The idea is to boost your mechanism which even while you are not working out, expends energy from muscles and burns fat. Try these 3 delicious recipes to boost metabolism, and say hi to a new, fitter you.


We wrap up this Sunday’s must-read list with the badass Rihanna. We are in love with her ladyboss attitude. She quips and says “So I made it to Harvard..” after accepting Harvard’s humanitarian award.



But she gives us many more reasons to be in awe of her.

“...People make it seem way too hard, man. The truth is — and what the little girl watching those commercials didn’t know — is that you don’t have to be rich to be a humanitarian, to help somebody. You don’t have to be famous. You don’t have to be college-educated.”

We with you bae! To help others you need the intention, not the money. Imagine if we all started playing our part, wouldn’t charities become a thing of past then. Check out her speech in the video below. Wait till the end to see an adorable kid, looking dapper in a suit, and handing over flowers to Rihanna with much more pizzazz.




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