Suchitra Mishra Hires 4 From SHEROES Community

Last updated 27 May 2014 . 2 min read

Suchitra Mishra from Oorja Biz Ops recruited four community members from SHEROES. Here is what she had to say about her experience with SHEROES- 

“I have always been a proponent of flexible working policies in companies and have myself worked in the work-from-home mode for many years in various management roles. When I started my own venture Oorja Biz Ops, it was only natural for me to adopt the same flex work model for me and my team. The first few members of our team came on board through my own network of contacts. And when I needed to expand, SHEROES was my first stop and the last.  I had “met” Sairee in the online world and had followed the growth trajectory of Fleximoms as I identify with and admire the mission and core values of the organisation. SHEROES worked very well for my hiring needs. There are a lot of talented women looking out for opportunities and I got a great response for my job postings on the platform. I was able to hire some wonderful team members from the applications I received and plan to come back for more as Oorja Biz Ops grows. Easy to use, personalized support and a great database of talent – my experience with SHEROES has been delightful. I congratulate and thank the entire SHEROES team for creating and sustaining this much needed talent platform for women – and helping me on my journey as well. I wish you continued success.”

suhitra mishra
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