Stories from the community - SHEROES Summit Delhi 2015

Published on 18 Nov 2015 . 1 min read

Post lunch, we had a “Stories by the Community” session. Sangeeta Murthi Sahgal spoke about her journey from the corporate world to turning into a professional care-giver. As they say, every person has a beautiful story within them.

Neeti Palta, professional stand up comedienne, presented her life’s story on what people see as an “unusual” career choice eloquently via a humour filled ppt. What’s a story without some laughter after all. The audience loved the humour in the ppt.

“To be able to sing, you have to have lived,” sprang Sonam’s artistic presentation before we summed up for the day. 

Here's what the Tweets say,


Are you letting your inner voice affect you? #WMDI #SHEROESSummit @neetipalta

— SHEROES (@SHEROESIndia) November 18, 2015

What's the difference between a male and female comedian? Maybe we look better in shorts @neetipalta cracks us up at #SHEROESSummit #WMDI

— SHEROES (@SHEROESIndia) November 18, 2015

Live life like somebody left the gate open says @neetipalta #WMDI #SHEROESSummit

— SHEROES (@SHEROESIndia) November 18, 2015

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