SHEROES Contest - #YoungDreams

Last updated 23 May 2014 . 1 min read

Tell us what dreamt of becoming when you were young and get a chance to win a book. 

"When I was young,

I dreamt

I’d fly, touch the skies.

When I was young

I dreamt;

of catching the falling stars.

When I was young;

I dreamt;

to float in the clouds

When I was young

I dreamt;

Of landing on Mars

When I was young

I dreamt,

I’d walk across the universe;

with only my backpack.

When I was young;

I dreamt;

Of bathing in colors of the rainbow

When I was young I dreamt dreams;

of hope and faith."  

Terms and conditions of participating in contest- 

1) The participants should be Indian citizens

2) Participants need to mark their answers to @SHEROESIndia and use the hashtag #Youngdreams

3) There will be only one winner.

4) Decision will be of SHEROES judges and final. 



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