Shed The Winter Weight By Going On Brisk Walks

Published on 26 Feb 2017 . 4 min read

Walking is the best form of exercise and the cheapest and the easiest. All you need is a pair of lungs and a pair of sneakers, lastly the will to walk. Don’t doubt its effectiveness though. 20 minutes of brisk walk can do wonders. Take it from a person who walks their babies (dogs) day and night. But we are not talking about the strolls, we take post dinners after stuffing ourselves with finger-licking food. 

Walking can prevent a lot many diseases from building up. Health benefits of walking is simply put, phenomenal. You can cut down on cholesterol levels, fight lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, battle obesity, even ward off the blues. 

If you are like me, who doesn’t enjoy sweating it out within the confines of  a room adorned with gym equipments, then step out. Although post the alarming rise in the levels of pollutants in the air has made it a bit challenging. But there’s a way around it.


Invest in an anti-pollution mask


The past few months have been hardest for Delhiites due to the rising levels of pollution and the accompanying smog. It is so right there in front of our eyes to see, the disastrous levels of pollution. Although Delhi has been awarded the most polluted city in the world that doesn’t give clean chit to other cities. Rising population and unplanned urbanisation has led to some serious health problems in city dwellers. So it is better to be safe than sorry.


Check out how to choose the right anti-pollution mask. And, walk your way to health and happiness.


Flaunt those sexy pair of toned legs 

As we age, our risk of unsightly varicose veins increases, However, walking is a proven way to prevent those unsightly lines from developing. The venous system includes a circulatory section known as 'the second heart,' which is formed by muscles, veins, and valves located in our calf and foot. This system works to push blood back up to the heart and lungs—and walking strengthens this secondary circulatory system by strengthening and preserving leg muscle, which boosts healthy blood flow. If you already suffer from varicose veins, walking daily can help ease related swelling and restlessness in your legs. Also, if you are genetically predisposed to have varicose and/or spider veins, walking daily can help delay the onset. 

Lose the stubborn belly fat 

This one may seem obvious, but it's certainly a happy benefit for those who start walking regularly. As you continue to walk, you may notice your pants begin to fit more loosely around your midsection, even if the number on the scale isn't moving much, that's because regular walking can help improve your body's response to insulin, which can help reduce belly fat.Walking every day is one of the most effective low-impact ways to mobilize fat and positively alter body composition. Daily walking increases metabolism by burning extra calories and by preventing muscle loss, which is particularly important as we get older. 

Ward off SAD with a few minutes of walk 

SAD- Seasonal Affective Disorder has become common nowadays. It is normally associated with the onset of winters and lack of winter daylight. How you feel gloomy and not at your most active best when the weather is damp, dark and cold. Yes, that ‘not-feeling good’ state. Even this could be fixed by talking outdoor walks. Walking outdoors exposes you to natural sunlight, which can help stave off Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)—making it a potential antidote for the winter blues.


These are just some of the benefits elaborated, there are many more and frankly it’s the cheapest form of exercise. A pair of sports shoes, superman T-shirt (or any other favourite comic hero of your choice) and the jammies. That’s all you need. Try it tomorrow, on Monday. Wake up with the chirping of birds in the morning and take the underrated morning walk, which is actually the best form of exercise.


Lola Jutta
An unapologetic writer, budding travel enthusiast and a default optimist! Life is what you make out of it.

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