How SHECO Partners Earn From Mobiles On The Woman Fortune-Changer Platform

Published on 11 Mar 2021 . 1 min read

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See how SHECO Partners earn from mobile phones and learn why SHECO sellers call it the Woman Fortune-Changer Platform.

Are you wondering how you can earn money from mobile without investment? In this article, you’ll learn about the SHECO Partner Program and how to earn money from your phone by selling SHECO products online.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never run a business before. As an Indian woman, this program will not only help you create your own identity with just a Smartphone but also earn money from your mobile without investment.

So, what is SHECO?

SHECO stands for SHE Commerce and is the perfect entrepreneurship opportunity for you if you’re an Indian woman who wants to earn money from your phone.

SHECO connects quality brands with aspiring women entrepreneurs who want to use the SHEROES platform as a distribution channel for their products and services.

When you join the SHECO Partner Program, you get access to a number of branded products and services, such as SUGAR cosmetics, Pipa Bella, Smartivity (smart games for kids), BeatO (blood sugar testing kits), with more added every month.

SHECO products are high-ticket and high-margin, so you can earn money from your phone by selling quality products, earning high margins and working at your own time and convenience.

As an initiative by SHEROES to empower women financially across the country, the SHECO Partner Program offers so much more than other online seller programs.

When you download the SHEROES only-women app and join SHECO, you become a part of the SHEROES community that genuinely cares about each woman.

You’ll also get access to free online business training in the SHECO Academy where you can find brand training videos, useful articles on growing a part-time business, and a great community atmosphere.

The SHECO team and community offer constant support and encouragement and give you the confidence to achieve your full potential as a woman entrepreneur and make money using your phone.

Women who prefer to avoid social media platforms like Facebook, but also want to earn money from their phone, appreciate that SHECO is based on a women-only social network where safety, empathy and trust are built into the platform.

On the SHEROES app for women, they can find a helpline, women-only communities, peer-to-peer conversations and sell SHECO products safely in the SHEROES Bazaar marketplace where you can find women buyers ready to buy from you.

What SHECO Partners say about their SHECO Business

Every woman joins the SHECO Partner Program for different reasons, so we asked a few of our SHECO Partners what they think about this program.

Here’s what they told had to say:

Nikita Singh, a communication professional joined SHECO to get some experience and told us that joining SHECO had helped increase her confidence level and that she loved the supportive environment where women were always available to help each other.

She found every SHECO member very genuine and polite and feels that it was a good platform to find independence, create your identity and develop a confident personality.

Anjum Dakhani, an Operations Executive, joined SHECO to earn an extra source of income and appreciates the branded, quality products and mentorship she been able to access.

Unlike other online seller programs, SHECO partners can meet the brand's representative and ask their doubts. Also, the induction, sales training, webinars, and mentorship are enough to get you moving and believe in yourself.

She also appreciates that women are for each other in every possible way on the SHEROES platform for women and feels that they are missing something wonderful if they don't join.   

Pallavi Singh is a tutor with a dream to become a successful entrepreneur. She is proud of the fact that after joining the SHECO Partner program people know her as an entrepreneur and businesswoman.

According to her SHECO has the best product quality, the service is awesome, and the mentors are always ready to help 24×7. As the product quality is good and customers want quality products, they are always ready to purchase SHECO products.

She also notes that SHECO is the only platform that helps women without any charges. You’ll find amazing people who always ready to help and learn everything about marketing and sales.

Sandhya Hegde, a senior scientific analyst, joined SHECO to have her own identity. With the training, positive environment, mentors’ support, and unique brands available in SHECO, she became a high-achiever in sales in December 2020 and January 2021.  

She credits the training and support system for her achievement as well as the fact that SHECO sellers get live support from mentors and brands in any issue they face. 

She believes that the SHECO Partner Program is a unique platform where you can fulfill your dreams of identity, along with financial independence, and meeting the expectations of customers by providing the best products and services.

As an HR professional, Chinchulata Nair states, “It's a wonderful community of like-minded women. What more can I ask for. My prime reason was to return to work through this network and I ended up being my own Boss.”

In addition, getting to know amazing women from different walks of life, learning and adding her bit, to receiving awards within the short span of joining the program were very motivating for her.

She believes that joining SHECO is a great way to identify your hidden talents skills and, thanks to this program, she now sees a way to make a shift from HR to branding and marketing.

She believes that each woman can earn, learn, grow and make her presence worthwhile and doesn’t see any competition, but women supporting each other.

The products offered here are verified, branded with hassle-free plus seamless marketing and selling provisions, while sellers get product training and awareness from the product creators themselves.

“On this women-only selling platform that promotes all Indian brands, you can get verified products with brand-specific training, seamless billing and shipping with assured assistance. It’s a great way to make money on your own terms and be your own boss,” she says.

For women who lack the education and confidence to start a business of their own, SHECO provides the opportunity to earn their first salary and learn selling skills like communication, community-building, business acumen, and customer service.

Tahseen Syed lists two reasons why she joined the SHECO Partner Program:

  1. She loves the way SHECO mentors encourage, motivate and help the SHECO Partners build faith in themselves.
  2. SHECO products are genuine and speak quality.

“Honestly, I like the idea behind the way they set the targets,” she says. “If you have a target to achieve, the momentum of working hard improves and it boosts the will power to achieve targets. Eventually, an individual’s marketing and presentation skills improve.”  

After joining SHECO, her confidence level has increased such that she is aiming to achieve most of the targets set every month with happy customers and has won the trust of many customers.

She believes the unique thing about SHECO is that they give a chance to every individual with women's empowerment and growth a top priority.     

“SHECO products are genuine. I myself have utilised many products, so it gives me immense confidence to market these products without any hesitation,” notes Tasneem.

“SHECO has given me a unique identity as an Entrepreneur,” she adds. “I would say welcome to the women fortune-changer platform. Ladies come on, join the SHECO academy without any hesitation and doubts - we are here to support you. Let's rock together.”

Lakshmi Shastry, a healthcare market research consultant, joined the SHECO Partner Program to develop entrepreneurial skills.

She enjoys networking with other like-minded SHEROES women and appreciates the training and help at each step of the selling process and feels that SHECO stands out as a women-only with a readymade product list and definitive margin.        

“Join SHECO for your happiness, to prove that you are also something and you can do anything and everything. Do it for yourself, not for others,” says homemaker, Jasmine Sajid Inamdar.

“I always tried to keep people happy but now I joined SHECO only for my happiness,” she adds. “I created my identity as an entrepreneur and a SHECO partner. I love making sales for SHEROES. I like all the mentors who support me and explain everything about the products, and also the success parties.” 

Achla Nagar, a retired teacher, joined the SHECO Partner Program to earn money and appreciates having the co-operation and guidance of mentors on what she calls the “perfect platform to earn bread and butter.”

For Shubhra Mishra, a teacher, SHECO provided a zero-investment, alternate source of income where the profits are high.

“We don't have to invest in inventory and yet can earn a substantial profit. It’s a wonderful option for a secondary income,” she says adding that she has also benefited from the boost in confidence and seeing women supporting each other.

Swapnil Srivastava is a homemaker who wanted to make an identity of her own and is happy that SHECO helps her promote quality products and provides what it promises.

Babita Gupta owns an online boutique and wanted to sell branded products so she joined the SHECO Partner Program and is proud to sell the “best quality products” to her customers.

She was thrilled to see how friendly, honest, and patient the SHECO team is and finds SHEROES a “true platform for ladies to find their identity.”

So can you do your SHECO business from anywhere? Yes, because SHECO allows you to earn money from your phone, you can start your SHECO business from anywhere, as long as you have a Smartphone and internet connection.

How to become a SHECO Partner

So, if you have decided to earn money from your phone, just click here to register as a SHECO seller and complete your KYC procedure, for access to the WhatsApp Group and training materials.

Should you have any issues, a member of the SHECO team will help you out. SHECO will give you the support and guidance to boost your online earning from mobile sales.

As a verified seller with the SHECO Partner Program, you’ll get a verified seller badge, a separate shop section on your SHEROES profile and multiple other benefits.

The SHECO Academy is a unique resource that will teach you how to earn money from your phone. You’ll learn how to create happy customers who will leave you excellent reviews.

This is a real online business where you can earn money with only a cell phone. If you like zero-investment business ideas in India, SHECO will help you earn from your mobile without investment.

Join SHECO and earn money from your phone!


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