15 Sexist Things Indian Girls Are Tired Of Listening & Their SHEROES-Style Reply

Last updated 5 Sep 2018 . 1 min read

sexist things indian girls tired listening sexist things indian girls tired listening

Being a Girl in India is not an easy task. Right from our childhood we are given a thick manual of Do’s and Don’ts. Our life basically is always under someone’s microscopic eyes, be it our parents, relatives or simply the whole society.

But being the SHERO we are, we have decided to give society a taste of their own medicine.

Here are a few comments every Indian girl is tired of hearing.

Let’s give all these meaningless comments a SHERO-Style reply.

#1. "A woman's place is in the kitchen"

SHEROES Reply – Yes, a girl should have mastery with a knife, streets are not safe anymore.

Oh Please 

#2. “You should not talk about menstruation openly. Especially with your father or brother.”

SHEROES Reply - Oh yeah! Because bleeding for a healthy future is such a shame.

Why not

#3. “ It's not good to hang around with guys all the time. Kyunki log kya kahenge?

SHEROES Reply - Since when did my character become a public property for society to have a debate over it.

Are you kidding? 

#4. “Beta! You should know how to cook, else your In-laws will be disappointed”

SHEROES Reply - I will learn cooking as it’s necessary for survival not because I need to bribe people with food to like me.

I completely forgot reaction

#5. “Every girl should get married by 25, no matter what!”

SHEROES Reply - You know what? I think every girl should have a career plan by 25 rather than a marriage plan

Becoming bossy

#6. “Don’t laugh aloud. It’s not elegant.”

SHEROES Reply - Last time I hear it’s a free country and women have the freedom to express. So thanks but no thanks for your advice.

Very Funny

#7. “Women are bad drivers! They should just give up.”

SHEROES Reply - You have bad judgement, but did I comment?

#8. "Who wouldn’t want to have children. What’s wrong with you!”

SHEROES Reply - I will be a mother when I am ready not when society wants it.

Breaking stereotypes

#9. “Why do you want to work? Can’t you just stay at home and take care of your family?”

SHEROES Reply - Because I can do both like a boss. Any other questions?

say less things

#10. “Don’t address your husband by name. He deserves respect.”

SHEROES Reply - It’s the 21st century, I believe in equality and you should too. Anyways respect comes from heart and gesture, not names.

just kill myself

#11. “The guy has a good job and is well-settled. He’s perfect for you. Marry him.”

SHEROES Reply - Oh! I thought I was supposed to marry a boy, not an atm.

Oh my god!

#12. “If you wear short clothes then you are inviting boys”

SHEROES Reply - Short humari dress Nahi tumhari soch hai.

Oh Bhaisaab!

#13. “Household chores are a woman’s responsibility.”

SHEROES Reply - A household is made up of its family member then how come when it comes to managing it, it becomes the responsibility of women only?

such a lie

#14. “Ladki jawaan ho gayi hai, ab iske hath pile kro

SHEROES Reply - I’ll marry when I am ready, not just because I have reached a certain age number.

Its irritating

#15. “You are not like other girls/women.”

SHEROES Reply - What’s wrong with other girls!

I'm the best

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