Setting up a home office - 5 Things You Need to Remember

Last updated 23 Oct 2015 . 2 min read

Setting up a home office? This may help.

While the debate still continues about how much importance to give remote work locations or work-from-home options to employees, several companies today do offer flexible schedules. Home offices are pretty common as a result of this. But when setting up a home office of your own, what should you keep in mind?

IT / Equipment

Everything is digital today. Before you invest in furniture for your home office, list down the most important IT related and other equipment you would need for your work. A laptop, 3-in-1 printer, fax machine, phone would typically top the list. Wi-fi modem and the sorts, too!

Minimal Furniture

Start by pick out a corner of a bigger room to turn into your home office. Or if you have a room assigned as the office already, even better. Once you have the space picked out, make a list of the furniture you would need. A work table, couple of side tables for equipment, storage cabinets would be good to begin with. You can invest in more furniture at a later stage once your work routine is a little more set.

Stationery and Accessories

Not many small business owners give importance to this but, the right stationery and accessories can enhance productivity. A whiteboard, appropriate writing tools, files, organisers, are the usual everyday items you would essentially need.

Enhance your work space

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve reserved a small corner of a room as your home office or an entire room itself. Enhance your work space so that you are inspired to work better! Depending on the size of your work space, you can put up inspirational paintings, or cover the windows with colourful curtains, just to make it more cheerful!

Simple and Convenient

When picking out furniture or equipment, stick to simple and convenient. How does this help? Well, if you have the budget to get either a new one seater chair or a new webcam to enhance your official video calls, opt for the item that makes things more convenient for you in the future. 

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