Savita Inamdar’s Tireless Journey Of Shaping Her Identity

Published on 6 Apr 2017 . 5 min read


Born as Rani Chandravati Laxmanrao Desai in an aristocratic family from North Karnataka; in such families girls from a young age aren’t given any freedom. Having a career was unheard of and simply prohibited. Savita says, “They are either referred – ‘his daughter’ or ‘his wife’ or ‘his mother’. My dream was to have my own identity with any name.” 

But at the age of 21 she got married into another aristocratic joint family. They were totally opposed to the idea of women of the house having a career. But, her husband was very supportive of her dreams. She started a saree business at home by partnering with her brother who owned Power looms. This was a roaring success.

Savita Inamdar, a multi talented food blogger, chef who has won many culinary contests; she was one of the TOP 10 winners across India in Hyatt Culinary Challenge 2014, translator, interpreter, director, dancer, song writer and scriptwriter.


But life is not always smooth; in 2004 due to doctor’s negligence a simple family planning operation lead to complications. Put on complete bed rest for a whole year, she recalls “Before my operation I had appeared for the Regional language exam for News reader’s post, conducted by All India Radio, New Delhi. I was on bedrest when I received the result. Turned out I was the topper in Kannada language. But God had different plans for me. It was then that I started thinking many ways to cover the loss of these 365 days in my life. I wanted to bounce back, wanted to live every second.”




Over the last couple of decades she has been working as a translator & voice over artist for TV, Radio Programs and advertisements; rendering service as an International Interpreter for government, public and private sector in Indian languages. Regional language artists are not treated at par with Hindi or English artists. Today, she is counted as India’s top interpreter in Kannada Language. She says, “I was on cloud nine when I was offered a challenging job of interpreting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech from Hindi to Kannada during inaugural function of HAL’s LUH- Light Utility Helicopter factory in Karnataka.”

Her advice to budding voice over artists “It’s not that tough if you are professionally sound in any industry. But it takes time to show your potentiality.  Being a regional language professional I have command on 4 languages which is a plus point for me. It’s not easy to switch from one language to another. Directors hire me so that they can have all services from single person as a scriptwriter, singer, co-ordination, dancer, actor and voice over artist.”


Savita says, “Given a chance one must learn to give 100 % to the kind of work they are assigned. If it is script writing think out of box, if its acting give your good shot, if it’s singing be melodious, translation then be simple and use as much as colloquial words and if its interpretation then you got be very alert. You are gifted with the ability to understand lesser known languages. One must have faith in their abilities and patience to learn new things. Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success mantra.”

Living in New Delhi for 28 years now. She proudly says, “I turn sweet 50 this year. I believe first HOME and then ROME. As an independent freelancer with my work across different fields; my journey from being a full-time homemaker to an International Interpreter hasn’t been a smooth walk. My kids are almost settled and home needs less attention. Now I have ample time for myself to fulfil my dreams to carve my own identity”



Piyali Dasgupta
A writer and an educator with expertise in experiential learning,capacity building, counselling & content development. A feminist, wit addict and time/life traveler. She loves trees, water bodies, vintage,cooking and arts

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