Samina’s #MakingItWork Mantra At Accenture

Last updated 23 May 2017 . 3 min read

After 12 years with Accenture, Samina , a Business Advisory Lead at Accenture talks about her role at Accenture, her advice to women professionals and more:

Tell us about yourself?

I hold a bachelor’s degree in arts and trained as an image consultant. My family is my world—I live with my in-laws, husband and my four-year-old daughter.

I worked as a teacher for four years and then decided to join Accenture. I started from an entry-level position 12 years ago in the sales function. Today, I am the business advisory lead for the automotive warranty for Mumbai and Prague.

What is a typical workday for you like?

I evaluate strategic  planning, Workforce management and quality management. I am responsible for driving customer confidence, reducing operational costs and helping generate revenue. I am also passionate about the culture of inclusion and diversity at Accenture. I enjoy counselling and mentoring women employees, encouraging returning mothers and guiding new joiners.

How have you grown as a professional at Accenture in India?

My journey with Accenture has been all about exploring new opportunities, adapting to change and continuous learning. Whenever I feel I am becoming too comfortable, I ask for more challenges.

In my role, I get the opportunity to work with some wonderful and challenging clients. I also contribute to the women empowerment agenda at Accenture. I have no qualms about saying that Accenture is the best place I have ever worked. Accenture gives me the opportunity to pursue my personal and professional interests and define my own success, my way.

One person that inspires you the most

The one person who inspires me and who I can credit for my success is Shekhar Tiwari. He is a trailblazer—his leadership inspires me to reach higher, dream bigger and achieve greater things. His passion to see women in leadership roles is what motivates me to take on challenging roles and it has led to significant growth in my career.

Do you have any advice you would like to share with our readers?

If you want to grow personally and professionally, then Accenture is the best place to be. The ethical and friendly work environment and energetic people help you grow while the diverse culture gives everyone a voice.

People here truly believe in collaboration, exchanging knowledge, sharing ideas and best practices. The culture makes you feel empowered and at the end of the day, you have a great feeling of achievement.

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