Safety Tips for Buisnesswomen -on - the GO

Published on 13 Oct 2015 . 2 min read

Safety Tips for Businesswomen-on-the-GO!

Safety is a priority. That goes without saying. As a professional woman in what they often call “a man’s world”, how do you ensure your own safety especially if your job demands that you travel a lot? Maybe these simple tips can take the stress out of travelling to some extent…

Late Night Flights / Cabs

We live in a world of apps. Book a cab, no matter what the time, get to where you want in the city. Book a flight at the click of a button and get to where you want, in the world.

But if you’re travelling alone, how safe are these travel options? If there is no one to accompany you, maybe commuting really late in the night is better avoided at all costs. If you have a late evening event to attend, or dinner meeting for that matter, unless there is a trusted car and driver ready to ferry you around, avoid it especially if you are in a new place! This brings us to the next tip,

Travelling alone

As much as possible, especially for late evening events, avoid travelling alone. Have a colleague accompany you or make a group from the office. There is always safety in numbers…

Read up about the Hotel

If you are being sent out of your city / country for business purposes, read up about the accommodation on Google or Tripadvisor before blindly checking in. In one case, a young business executive was made to live in the Paramount Hotel in Singapore, and a red light area seemed to be just behind it.

Pepper Spray and the sorts

If you can get a hold of pepper spray, or any other comfortable instrument to keep in your bag, it would be great! You’ll probably never need it though.

Lock your doors

Whether you’re travelling in a car or staying a long in a hotel, ensure your doors are always locked from the inside.

Spread out your valuables

When travelling, it’s a good idea to spread out your valuables. Try to divide the money you are carrying and keep it in different compartments of the bag / room. Do the same for any jewellery you may be carrying.

Stay alert!

Wherever you walk, wherever you go, stay alert. If you feel the slightest bit uncomfortable when walking on a desolate road, go into the nearest crowded restaurant or shop until your confident again!



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