Safety Comes First, Even On The Internet

Last updated 29 Dec 2016 . 3 min read

The outreaching ability of internet is severely stunted with virus attacks and malware functioning. This is concerning for us netizens. To cope with cyber attacks, cyber experts recommend 3-pronged strategy. Prevention, detection and response.

Prevention technologies used in general are available in the form of firewall variants. Detection solutions are available to a handful few, mainly consisting of huge enterprises. Their cost and complexity are intimidating, to say the least. This leaves most businesses - especially small businesses at high risk of being hacked. Without good detection, the ability to respond to security incidents is severely handicapped. 

Pragati Chauhan, co-founder of DSDInfoSec aims to solve this problem by providing an affordable detection platform that also helps in rapid response. 

Over to Pragati, to explains us the technological  innovation, ActiFend, which ensures cyber security. 

I got to work on advanced technologies during my internship in the final year of college, that most people only dream of at that stage. I realized that I could create something really big and impactful – something that can make Internet safer for everyone. 

Initially, my family and friends found it difficult to digest. But when I told them, how passionate I am about this venture, they too supported me.

We hear of websites being hacked everyday. This issue could be tackled in a better way if defensive security was able to keep up with the advances that hackers are making. This is the problem we have set out to solve; To bring advanced security- that can evolve as rapidly as the attackers- to everyone. 

We built ActiFend – an advanced cloud-based security analytics engine paired with a unique mobile app that serves as the security dashboard for your website. All the subscribers instantly share attack related information- thus enabling everyone to evolve with changing attack scenarios. The Mobile App makes it most convenient to manage and respond to security incidents quickly. 

In cyber security, it is a challenge to keep up with the fast evolving space and learn new technologies. It’s like a constant arms race between the attackers and defenders. The passion to stay on the leading edge drives me each day. 

Originally I was targeting to get the best job offer, but my final year internship in cybersecurity changed my path completely. I got so much interested in the field that I gave up my campus placement to take the plunge. As a professional, learning advanced technology needs a lot of guidance and resources, but I was fortunate to have experienced people as my mentors and colleagues. 

Entrepreneurs have the most amazing journeys of life. Let not your gender stop you from choosing this path. Most colleges are encouraging and educating students about entrepreneurship. Take the opportunity to discover your calling in life. They say entrepreneurs are the happiest people. I am experiencing it already.”


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