Rituparna gets recruited by HCL

Last updated 22 May 2014 . 2 min read

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Rituparna Ghosh found a job with HCL techologies. Here is her feedback on her experience with SHEROES - 

"I am a former television producer turned entrepreneur when motherhood pushed me towards self-employment. In 2012, I set up The Wordsmith, a niche content firm to help mothers like me work from home by doing content related work. From websites, to blogs, brochures, marketing emails, corporate AVs, training videos – over the past two years I have had a consistent flow of work from trusted clients. I have had the good opportunity of helping some women write with me, fulfilling clients’ needs. Projects would come and go and except for one regular client, I had very little other work. That is why off late I started looking for something more permanent. I knew I didn’t want to go back into a full time career; I was looking for flexibility and a consulting role in particular.

2014 has been a very exciting year for me until now. I got trained to be a professional storyteller for children and I started conducting sessions. Within a short span of time, my sessions have picked momentum and I have a few good kids and their parents returning for sessions to me. A career in the creative field is extremely difficult to sustain and therefore that explains why I was looking for a flexible and consultant role. So that one fuels the other comfortably, without me having to give up what I want from life! J

Thankfully SHEROES filled that gap for me! I got an email from Pallavy at SHEROES highlighting an opening at HCL. I applied, met Mr Apurva Chamaria, the Head of Digital Marketing. I was asked to write a review of an ad. Mr Chamaria loved it and I got the job!

He asked me how I know Sairee…and I said I’ve met her once, but I deeply admire her work, first with Fleximoms and now SHEROES.

A big thank you to Sairee and team for helping women like me live our dreams."

Rituparna Ghosh
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