Resume Faux Pas You Need To Avoid To Get An Interview Call

Last updated 20 Mar 2017 . 3 min read

Resumes are highly subjective piece of work and not all recruiters are one and the same. Various recruiters have different expectations from each candidate’s resume. I am not a resume expert, but I can vouch for the honesty factor. Stay true to your credentials. Actual credentials. That has worked for me. 

Be honest and don’t hide your gap years. It must be difficult to explain the years you took time out from work; not necessarily any familial problem or very much possible. I can relate with this, because I took out time from work and tried my hand at solo travelling and trekking. I didn’t had any particular reason to quit my job, but I did. And, before I knew I started investing in different facets of my personality. I don’t regret the time-off I took. But covering up that time in my resume, wouldn’t have added any value whatsoever. It is better to showcase your personality than the years of experience gained by working in a firm. 

I did suffer rejections then again, you don’t want to be an organisation which does not value your honesty or has a different set of expectations. At the end it’s about fitting the role and vice-versa. There’s a company out there and a recruiter, who will hire you for your personality and not simply on the basis of your resume. Remember, you’re  much more than your resume. Believe in this and chances are you would present your stronger self in front of the interviewer.


The main objective of your resume is to get an interview call. That is your vantage point and you need to proceed from there on.  


Another common mistake that I did was send out my resume to everyone in bulk. Well, that is disastrous. Chances are your resume would find place in the spam and won’t even be listed by the HR. Each job opportunity has a specific role and you can’t copy-paste your credentials everywhere for different set of skills required for any job. In short, go through the job description and understand what is asked of the candidate and how your skills can be utilised for the same.


Also, mostly resumes count their responsibilities in their previous work rather than their accomplishments. Try fixing that, you don’t need t highlight what you were asked to do, you have to focus on what have you accomplished. That showcases a winning side of yours.


You can play with your resume and make it the best one by understanding your target and your own expectations from the said work opportunity.


Here are the 5 pieces of terrible resume advice you should ignore in order to hand out a professional resume and be taken seriously in the jobs market.   


Lola Jutta
An unapologetic writer, budding travel enthusiast and a default optimist! Life is what you make out of it.

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