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Published on 26 Apr 2017 . 6 min read is based out of Mumbai and is presently helmed by CEO, Jeevika Tyagi, who initially joined the company as the Chief Marketing Officer.  Along with the team, she is building an omni platform for health, wellness and fitness to connect the world with Ayurveda.

In 2015, she had launched her own venture, Stappu with the largest Food Artist community in Mumbai. There she worked with Artists across India and build a relevant design tech platform to affiliate their growth. Her past experiences include working with companies like New York Film Academy, JP Morgan and Blackrock in New York.

“After running Stappu, I realized I would reach the best of my ability if I again enter a field that I feel strongly about. I like to stay fit as in the past I have had a very unfit life.

I am passionate about fitness and lifestyle changes that give you energy and make you feel confident. I got introduced to Ayurveda in many ways while growing up. I just wasn't aware. It was not until college that I realized how Ayurveda will play a crucial role in my way of living. I had an acne problem that various derma visits couldnt fix.

I came to India for a vacation and met an Ayurvedic Doctor upon my parents’ suggestion. Doctor suggested I stop using chemically treated body washes and lotions.

I have asked to take a bath with a neem soap. Honestly, I have never looked back. It dries the skin and then you follow it up with an Aloe Lotion that works well for my skin type. Now, I even live a lifestyle as per my Dosha.

Ayurveda comes from the two words Ayur which means Aayush- life and Veda which stands for Knowledge and Science. Hence, Ayurveda stands for the science of living. Ayurveda is a system of medicine that dates back 5,000 years and is widely practiced today for its all natural healing remedies. For over 17 years, we have been providing a quality platform.

Beginnings of AllAyurveda

Being a Marketer I saw a dearth in the way Ayurveda is portrayed - Old school, irrelevant and boring. I definitely hope to contribute to this change in mindsets and make it relevant to everyone- young and old again. 

Now, our Mission is to build an end to end customized easy to use platform, for a natural and a healthy way of living. This resonates with what I believe in. is the world’s first Ayurvedic and natural wellness platform launched in 1998. The platform has successfully helped people solve and manage their healthcare needs with the help of Ayurveda, a system of medicine that dates back 5,000 years and is widely practiced today for its all-natural healing remedies. 

Allayurveda was launched after witnessing the dotcom boom in Silicon Valley, and today is a prominent healthcare website for alternative medicine. Promoted and supported by the Baidyanath Group, it aims to be a one-stop solution for all your Ayurvedic and alternative wellness needs. Through rich content, a vibrant community and accurate consultations, the website aims to be the first place to go to for Ayurvedic and herbal medicines, beauty, childcare and food products.

Repackaging tradition for new-age consumers.

AllAyurveda is trying to give people what they need in a form that they are used to seeing around them. For example, our blogs are bite-sized Ayurvedic information written in a fresh voice just like pop culture sites. This makes it easy for younger people to get Ayurveda and natural living tips without the boring preachiness.

We are also experimenting by bringing other forms of engagement where the end user can interact with us in a better way. Like through videos and other forms of social media by tapping on the latest trends and catchphrases. 

Helming an 18 year old e-commerce company in this phase of digital transformation

There are so many changes in our approach to reaching our customers today. As a company, leadership definitely means being more customer oriented. We carefully sift through data and analytics to carefully study what customers need - so we are more data-driven than opinion-driven.

Our marketing campaigns have undergone a complete change in the way they look and feel. Our focus is on creating a series of webisodes with popular experts across various verticals like Ayurveda 101, diet, fitness/yoga, etc.

Lastly, we are also bringing our teams to work closely with each other and coordinate smoother and become more than just another set of hands.

Content building around Ayurveda

We have built a one-stop solution for all your Ayurvedic and alternative wellness needs. One can take the Dosha quiz to understand their mind body balance  - based on whether they are Kapha, Pitta, Vata then shop or consult a doctor to deal with their Health Problems. Through rich content, vibrant community and accurate consultations we hope to drive e-commerce for Ayurvedic herbal, beauty and food products.

We have build two kinds of content; 1st is the knowledge center where we cover all core Ayurvedic knowledge written by doctors and researchers.

The 2nd type of content can be found on our wisdom blog that’s called Are You Veda? Here we share day-to-day content and knowledge that makes Ayurveda relevant in the daily lifestyle. We have a self sustaining community of Doctors, Nutritionist, Fitness Experts, Yogis, Beauticians, Practitioners and Chefs who use only natural remedies/ingredients for their services. We also boost with the Largest database of Ayurvedic Doctors to provide consultations online. 

Challenges in establishing Ayurveda as a sustainable therapy option

Providing the correct knowledge and explaining to people why each medicine requires a lifestyle change has been the biggest struggle. Any person who is new to Ayurveda first needs to read about the root of the problem or consult an Ayurvedic Doctor for the same.  We are fixing this lack of industry knowledge by building two forms of content - Knowledge Center and Blog.


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