7 Exciting Reasons For You To Join A Startup Company

Last updated 29 Dec 2016 . 4 min read

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Thinking of working in a startup but hesitant to do so? Don’t worry. We are here to help you out with it. Start-ups are an amazing way to learn new things and challenging yourself at every step. Every day feels different in a start-up. They are exciting and stimulating.  We have listed 7 reasons on why  to join a startup company and how enriching experience that can be for you:

  1. Challenging work environment

A Start-up is one place which will challenge you in all aspects. Since everyone is supposed to do different jobs at a time, it will help in increasing your knowledge and make you more responsible.  Working in a startup is a hands-on experience.

  1. Liberty to be yourself

In a startup, you can be yourself as you're part of the venture at its nascent stage. You will help in shaping up the work environment and its culture. In a well established company, the rules and work culture are already set in a somewhat rigid format.  So you cannot mold them much. But in a startup, you can be your creative self and contribute in shaping the office environment.

  1. The learning curve is always pointed upside

Working in a start-up provides the opportunity to work closely with the founder of the Company; therefore you learn from the source itself. Entrepreneurs have a different approach to work; the environment is conducive to better yourself with every project. A Start-up is a close-knit group of workers who are striving for bigger and better company goals. The environment is pretty relaxed in a Startup but not lax.

  1. Creativity

Work in a start-up is not confined to segregated departments. As we pointed out, working in a start-up provides a hands-on experience. So the work pushes you to try your hand at different things. It will question your efficiency in multitasking. The work is not exclusive as it keeps spilling from one area to other.

  1. Building something new

A Start-up will enrich your experience as you will be part of its building process and also contribute in its growth. You will come to value hard work and creativity. Working in a start-up will help in developing your personality more on the lines of a confident, fearless, decisive professional.

  1. Work is more action-oriented

The work in a startup is more action based rather being reactionary. Due to the absence of rigid hierarchy, startups offer a work landscape which is pliable. That doesn’t mean there’s no structure. Of course they have a solid layout, but it’s not rigid. You have to take action and not wait for the orders. This would develop your decision making skills.

  1. Work is fun and not a burden

Working in a startup is anything but dull. Every day is exciting and offers new sets of challenges which keep you on your toes. It’s not easy task to keep up with the pace of a start-up but it’s not drab either. The clock keeps ticking and you must make the most of it by contributing in a start-up’s growth.

So pull up your socks and apply in a start-up. If you believe in yourself and have it in you to work in a 24/7 charged ambience. If you love to work in a free environment and want to try your hand at anything other than a corporate job, start-up is your way. Growth is synonymous with these ventures. Have fun working your ass off and enjoying every bit of it.


Kanchi Shah
A BCom Hons student, thoroughly enjoys reading and writing. She has an immense interest in travelling and photography. The one thing which makes her truly happy is trying out different types of cuisine!

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