Real Stories From Women Who Owned 2016 #SHEROESRewind

Last updated 30 Dec 2016 . 8 min read

2016 has been a crazy ride for mostly everyone around the world. The year definitely was full of learnings for us. We at SHEROES, had a great time building and growing relationships. 2016 was all about rising up and taking charge. The beautiful SHEROES community grew a lot bigger this year.


Communication is our key - Be it our Helpline: #Ask Monica, Connect, Mentors, Talkshop, Career Resources, Community Meets, we saw gorgeous women from all over the country coming to SHEROES to get shit done.


Women from cities like Varanasi, Itawa, Pathankot, Azamgarh, Lakhimpur, Vellore, Port Blair to Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata got onto to SHEROES knowing that their needs could be catered. This year we saw over 2 lakh pings from women on our helpline looking for opportunities to cater to their potential and dreams.


We picked out few stories that we would love to share. Stories that humbled us, stories that show the spirit of owning up things and carving a great plan for yourself:


Smita Mishra - On different Spheres:

As an individual, I got voice to my thoughts. I couldn't relate to many women related initiatives and wondered if I am cheating my gender team by not participating in those. But your thoughts resonated so well within me, gave me the clarity on what I really think on the subject. And how I can help myself and my fellow women.

As a Women Entrepreneur, I got a platform to speak ad reach out to so many more women and men whom I could mentor and help to grow. I get a network to lean in to find any help I need - a mentor or introduction to another entrepreneur. Sheroes has been a great networking and learning corner for me.

As an organization, I got access to a database of able workforce and a convenient way to hire them at mutually beneficial and customised pay. It's not so easy otherwise, to get good workforce to work for you only say 10 hrs a week.


Sheroes has truly been a life changing experience for me. And I mean it - I have in fact spoken about your work and thought process every place I go and every platform I speak. I like to tell them why I am proud to be associated with Sheroes.


Ruby Gupta - On Working From Home

I am a stay at home mother with a 3 year old son. My corporate journey started in 2007 and I had to take a break in 2012 when I got married. In 2014 I contacted by my previous company for Working from Home as I seriously wanted to get back to the corporate world. I stumbled upon SHEROES while scrolling on Facebook, and that is when I signed up on SHEROES, and within days I was contacted by SHEROES for a Work from Home project with UrbanClap. It gave me the exposure to tele-calling and sales which helped me develop that skill. Other than that I have been constantly using SHEROES as a source for Career guidance. I think SHEROES has helped me out when I needed It and will continue to help me and other women like me out there.


Preeti Sharma - On Taking Charge

I was working as a HR Manager. After giving birth to my twin daughters in, I was looking at Work from Home options to attain my career expectations. I live in a joint family which is supportive but I also wanted to support the family while staying at home. That’s where SHEROES helped me to attain my career in my own terms and helping me out with Work from Home projects.


Neha Upadhyay - On Entrepreneurial Growth

My journey with SHEROES commenced in early 2015 when it's founder Sairee warmly attended my initiative GUNA's women's day workshop that celebrated women in food and agriculture. Ever since then , we have built constructive synergy with the SHEROES community engaging in live pitches at their summit, interviewing for their online newsletter, reaching out to them for entrepreneurial advice, reference and even posting job adverts on their portal to recruit for my social enterprise. The synergy has been full of warmth and encouragement.


Snigdha Bhushan - On Getting Back

After 2 years, I was looking for a change and for 4 months could not find anything related to my profile. Then I contacted SHEROES and within 3 days everything was scheduled and finalised from the interview to the final offer letter in the sector I was looking to work in (CSR sector). I am really grateful to SHEROES for getting me this job and enjoy working in my new profile.  


Here are picked some queries from the helpline that gave us that “You go Girl” vibe:


Rimjhim Gour

Despite of being one of the most talented girls around, I've been flunking the same semester since past three years. The only thing I've always wanted to do is journalism. Yes, I'm passionate about it. And now I'm planning to drop out from the college to chase my dreams. Am I doing a right thing? Also, since I'm a dropout, colleges mightn't consider my application as very strong. How to work on my current status, but grabbing opportunities in this stream, and build an outstanding work profile? Also, none of my parent's, boyfriend or any other person knows about my this failure, as this is pretty shameful for me. This also adds up to my tensions. How to deal with this current messy situation?

Her Revert

Hey Shakun. Thanks for the valuable advice you gave me.I seriously feel better and motivated now. I was/am pursuing my bachelor's in biotechnology. Also, after this, I'm planning to reveal it all to them, as they actually deserve to know it all. “Thanks for being there.”



My specialization is zoology I'm still studying. But, my problem is that I'm a Rape Survivor. I'd lost my parents as they'd never treated me well. My present location Is Varanasi.


Her Revert

I don't want to go in past and tell you my story. But, I'll give you few lines dedicated to .

Your work is superb, thanks for your support. All of You have proved that we as girls in this Indian society are far far more better then boys. You've helped me in my journey,thanks a lot. Your site easy to use platform is very nice and the last thing is that Your Mobile app have so many jobs which are very nice and real which can lead any women to get a job and work from home and take charge of their own lives, become independent. We can Work from our homes today is due to Your Efforts.


Shakun Vijay

SHEROES...For me a community that recognised my new side and tagged me “IdeaHub”. Yes, getting named in new home makes you emotional. I was working full time when my hubby relocated in mid of the year and being in an alien land I did not wish to continue and chose flying to new location with him. This absolutely rendered me jobless and quite hopeless too without any options in a small town. I was on plank of LoveDoctor sailing through highs and lows. Incidentally, LoveDoctor spotted me on SHEROES and with its merger in SHEROES, I got absorbed in new role completing a full circle. I am glad for SHEROES valued me in true sense.


Wishing our community an even more fantastic 2017! Here's to being more badass!


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