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My hobby is dreaming, and I wake up each day with a wish to get closer and closer to my dreams. I believe in hard work and focus, and once you master them, you will see your growth!

Meet our Sheroes – Rachana Bagde, a 20-year-old student, dream chaser, and an entrepreneur who launched her business G For Gestures – a virtual reality Venture!

Do you believe in Destiny?

I am a hard believer of destiny and never regret my decisions!

Maybe that’s the reason that I decided not to opt for one of the prestigious medical colleges and on the very day of JEE MAINS I survived a car accident and ended up appearing for my JEE Mains with a bleeding hand.

I am currently pursuing a dual degree course in Information Technology from IIIT Gwalior, and I am really happy with my decision.

How did you start your entrepreneurship journey?

It all started as a college project, but I had an urgent requirement of a hardware that was out of my range regarding affordability. I posted the concern on TheRodinhoods and got a positive response, and it was fascinating to see people were interested in investing. I pitched my business idea to some 11 investors and finally I got one, who not only wanted to invest but also believed in me.

What does your project/firm aim to?

G For Gestures is an integration of Gesture Recognition and Virtual Reality.  It is first of its kind in the market, not only in India but globally. It allows the user to control the virtual world through his hand gestures.

A body sensor is used, where a user stands in front of the sensor and moves his hands naturally and can move in the virtual world. He can explore the virtual world on his own only through his hand movements, and that looks magical.

A week back, we launched our first product for 5-star hotel suites, The Hotel Suite Virtual Tour.

With just a slight movements of his hand, a user can take a virtual tour of all the available suites of the hotel.He can explore the interior, travel through different rooms, experience the outside view and finally get the essence of the suite and then he can decide where he wants to stay thus providing options for the customer to make his choices rather than settling down with whatever the staff provides. We got an amazing response to the launch!

That’s our launch video - http://bit.ly/2dZDDdE

You are a student but still pursued online courses. Were they worth it?

Online learning is fun and the best part is that you can start it anytime from anywhere with the amazing professors from across the globe. I have done quite a lot of courses through coursera such as Machine Learning, R Programming, The Data Scientist Tool Box, etc., and it was a great experience to learn at your leisure.

In my second year of College, I was inclined to learn Machine Learning and Data Science. However, this was still not a part of my curriculum. So, I started my online learning and based on the knowledge I gained I was able to do amazing projects in the field I loved.

What are your future plans?

Our firm aims at making this product reach to as many domains as possible allowing users to see the world through their hand gestures. We see our potential customers in India’s tech giants, automotive giants and Entertainment Industry In future; we would also like to contribute not only in India but also to Virtual Reality Global market.

My must haves

My must have – a heeled footwear, I never used a flat footwear, and I can’t imagine me in them”. Also, I can’t survive without the Internet. When there is no internet, you will see me in a vulnerable state.


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Samiksha Seth is a day dreamer by choice,an avid blogger, Reiki practitioner,firm believer of "Keep Faith", loves exploring and crafting experiences into words. She is a mother of a toddler and has resigned from her full time IT job, just to be with her child and take up her passion for writing.

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