Quirky Ko-Spaces Series: Birds Of A Feather Cowork Together

Published on 26 Feb 2017 . 5 min read

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Try putting a scientist and an accomplished musician in a shared working space, day in and day out. And soon Mozart’s symphony will be mere cacophony for the laws of quantum physics. Every profession has its own set of resources, tools and dynamics. People involved in the same profession, apart from being a source of migraine to the competitors, also serve as a valuable learning resource and their experience and expertise helps to reduce one’s learning curve.


Quirky KoSpaces Series Birds of Feather Cowork Together
As part of ‘KoSpace Founders Say’ series on future of coworking, we had shared that specialization will emerge as one of the main coworking trends in future. This inspired us to curate a list of 5 coworking venues which focuses on users of same profession.


5. The Hive, Mumbai: This is the place where artists come alive. Understanding the importance of creative freedom, the cowroking venue offers The Xircus – an intimate theatre space fitted with a full sound and light grid, seating capacity for 50 pax and a small green room for the artists. The venue boasts of an acoustically-treated, 60 seater workshop that can be used as a dance studio and event space. An organic café encouraging home chefs to prepare healthy meals with farm fresh ingredients ensures that you keep bubbling with that creative energy. The Hive is the place to breathe life into your art form. Pricing starts from INR 600 (US$ 9) per day up to INR 12,000 (US$ 180) per month

4. Gamenest, San Francisco: As a game developer, you have spent hours in isolation, visualizing, coding, testing, discarding   your work and starting all over again. Indie developers are a resilient lot and they also deserve a dedicated hub to socialize, interact, cowork and collaborate in a fun, safe and inclusive environment. Gamenest San Francisco provides all this along with speedy internet, Game Lounge, Indoor Bike Storage, Meeting Space, and Testing Nights. Membership pricing ranges from for US$35 for events, US$ 175 per month for part time and US$ 350 per month for full time.

3. The Crafties, Hong Kong: You are a crafter. You need a hassle free environment with a steady supply of the tools of your trade books to consult on the go, creative people to advise you where to put that next bead . your worst nightmare is running out of that tiny element midway. This coworking joint is an answer to all your prayers with desks available on an hourly basis to crafters. The venue includes an in-house supplies shop, workshop facilities with modern machinery, handicraft instructors a well-equipped library and gallery to showcase your creations. Not to mention like-minded people who are perhaps as mad about origami or crochet as you are. Pricing begins from HK$80 (US$ 10) per day and has discounted daily and monthly options.

2. Law bank, Denver:  A congregation of astute, collegial attorneys in elegantly appointed offices with all the modern conveniences. Law Bank Denver provides an unparalleled resource network to individual lawyers and small-firm practitioners to collaborate, participate in co-counsel arrangements, and attend mentoring and educational events. Law office spaces are available for rent 24/7, with a number of flexible options. Locked file storage and private phone booths at Law Bank help maintain confidentiality. This well-equipped coworking setup with premium conference rooms provides a search engine optimised web page describing your practice besides offering complimentary coffee and soft drinks to you and your clients. What more does a lawyer need? Perhaps an end to all the lawyer jokes. And maybe, a client with deep pockets.

1. Fashion Farm Foundation, Kowloon: While talking about emerging trends, how could we leave fashion behind. 10,000 sq.ft. of coworking space serving as an apt launch pad for the style makers of the world. Fashion designers will fall in love with this incredible joint offering free Wi-Fi and free coffee along with an open pantry ,sewing machines and 24 hr. access as the eureka moment for the style of the next season can strike anytime . Stay ahead in the ever changing world of fashion with industry events and seminars, business opportunities and interactions with senior designers. Feel free to think out of the box at this amazing venue. Day pass starts from HK$100 (US$ 12).

Birds of a Feather Cowork Together
Kowrk.com has ventured off the beaten track to curate this list of specialized 5 coworking spaces for its members. Before signing off, we would like to state that while focusing on specific professions, the above 5, also cater to professionals from other walks of life. You are most welcome to try them out as an excellent coworking option.

This blog was originally published on KOWRK.

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