Understanding Insurance and Claims

Last updated 30 Dec 2016 . 1 min read

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The problem about getting born in this world is  that you will never get out alive- Johnny Hart

In a world of uncertainty we secure ourselves and our loved ones by taking life and health insurance. But do we really understand what we are securing them with? Most insurance is taken without planning and proper understanding of Cover Pricing and Returns.

Some points to ponder with-   Do you know how much of insurance you have? Does the nominee in your policy know how much insurance you have? Will the cover be enough for your family?

How does the nominee claim proceeds?

Mrin Agarwal of Fintelligence training and consulting who contribute a monthly article on personal finance at SHEROES under the Womantra series.

Mrin Agarwal & Rima H

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Womantra is an educative session aimed at empowering women in matters of finance. The workshop will inspire women, professional or otherwise, to have greater self-confidence in handling their own finances and in doing so, taking charge of their destiny. The initiative is run by Mrin Agarwal & Rima Hinduja, who between them have over 30 years of work experience in investment advisory space and have worked for various banks- Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Standard Chartered Bank etc. Mrin & Rima have extensive and multi -faceted experience in investment advisory and banking and have experienced various phases in debt and stock markets. They have appeared on CNBC and have contributed to various articles in print media.

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