Poetry Lovers Get Ready To Slam This Saturday

Published on 24 May 2017 . 3 min read

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Slam poetry has been popular as a means of expression. Creative storytelling — whether it’s spoken word, music or even your crazy little blog — is so powerful because it flips that paradigm.

By telling your own personal truth, you’re able to break out of the boxes and stereotypes and show us, “Hey, this is who I really am. Take a good, hard look.”

Slam poetry offers the ability for a performer to connect with his/her audience in a deeper way, and allows the performer to articulate a set of emotions and thoughts succinctly using the power of voice and words.

It’s also a platform that goes beyond creative expression. Just like any art form, slam poetry and spoken word allow the artist to talk about social issues and social change.

We plan on opening a space which would allow muffled voices to vocalize what they have been capsulizing in their thoughts.  SHEROES Slam Poetry Event  in collaboration with Playground Creative  is being held on Saturday, 27th May at our SHEROES office. We will surround our open mic over the topic of intimate partner violence.

Intimate partner violence are acts of psychological abuse include berating or humiliating the victim . These acts are often ignored or seen as a part and parcel of being in a relationship. However constant emotional /physical abuse in intimate relationships harbors the breeding ground for various mental health issues that often result in fatal situations.

Acceptance is the only path to recovery, however this mere acceptance is a big mountain that many victims are scared to tread. As attachment with the intimate partner and some good memories act as albatross around their necks. We have chosen to talk about IPV because more often than not, the victims (even the survivors) cannot understand the vicious circle they are stuck in. Any sort of emotional abuse puts you in debilitating & traumatising state of mind .

You can register here for this open mic event. See you on Saturday!


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